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Control - WritingEmi - Young Justice (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
A response from a couple of years ago to prompt at the yj_anon_meme where Wally is emotionally abused and controlled by his father, however Wally conveniences himself that it isn't abuse due to the fact that it isn't physical. The team finds out.

Warnings for emotional abuse of a minor and creative license from the early run of the Young Justice cartoon.
dc  youngjustice  abuse  childabuse  emotionalabuse  runningaway  protectiveness 
february 2018 by goodgolly
Work Song - cheesewithmy - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Sid's new neighbor is definitely better than his old neighbors. He's nice and well-dressed and he makes Sid laugh. If he doesn't ever talk about what he does for a living, well, that's not a big deal.

Everyone is entitled to their secrets. (34k. Sid is a paramedic that lives with David Perron and Malkin is part of the mob. This is what I've been misssing from hockey fic! Malkin assumes Perron is Sid's boyfriend and hits him when Sid gets hurt at work aw. This is a mob au that is dark enough. Malkin kills to protect Sid when Sid stumbles into what he really does. He doesn't regret it. Malkin wants Sid to learn to shoot with a gun. Yeah, this is dark in bits - lots of betrayal as you would expect. I love Ovi's role. Happy ending where they run off to start a new life together.)
fandom:hockey  crosby/malkin  au  mafia!au  medical!au  suspense  drama  hurt/comfort  bruises  characterbetrayal  tattoo  runningaway  deleted_work 
march 2015 by casey_sms
Still Life - dogpoet, garryowen (dogpoet) - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Traumatized by his experience on Tarsus IV, Jim Kirk runs away to Vulcan to undergo kolinahr. Reboot AU. (I remember this one being gentle. So beautiful and peaceful. A happy place read. I love the happy and hopeful ending.)
fandom:star_trek_09  kirk/spock  angst  au  runningaway  ptsd  recovery/rehab 
january 2015 by casey_sms
and good things ahead by NotAllThoseWhoWander
Grantaire is a below average student, and Enjolras is an above-average teacher. Grantaire is going to make it through this year if it kills him. (46k so far. Made me feel but utterly depressing. Enjolras is a spot of sunshine in R's life as R struggles in school. R is abused at home and Eponine, his best frien, is getting mixed up with Montparnasse. R's only comfort is Enjolras really and alcohol and drugs. Enjolras keeps trying to make it a secret and end it but he can't really, all he ends up doing is hurt R. Enjolras lets R down first by throwing him out after they fuck and then he cheats on him. R gets all sorts of fucked up and leaves him. Not a happy story.)
fandom:lesmis  enjolras/grantaire  combeferre/eponine  eponine/montparnass  highschool!au  modern!au  student-teacher  pining  romance  childabuse  underage  secretr'ship  infidelity  roughsex  druguse  runningaway  homeless/kickedout  crying  bruises  punchintheface  hurt/comfort  selfesteem 
august 2014 by casey_sms
Clepsydra - Chapter 1 - luchia - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Enjolras knew their past would catch up with them, but he never expected it to happen like this. With Grantaire gone and an unknown enemy pulling strings even Combeferre has trouble seeing, Montparnasse is his only lead to finding out what happened, where Grantaire is, and who twisted all of this together.

(Or: Enjolras flips his shit and just wants his husband back but Grantaire won't come back to him and won't tell him why beyond that Enjolras didn't fuck up again and Enjolras will do absolutely anything to bring him home because he knows Grantaire is very very not okay.)(76k. A absolute page turner. Starts with Enjolras being told that Grantaire is dead. Firstly, Enjolras goes into shock and grieves but then he refuses to believe it. It's hard for him to accept it and worst of all, Gavroche thinks that R left him. Enjolras is desperate and miserable without R. Not as sweet as Gnomon though and Enjolras and R spend much of the fic apart. A realistic happy end. Enjolras realizes that the political life is not cut out for him and he runs away with R to return to uh, terrorism. Courfeyrac and Combeferre take over.)
fandom:lesmis  enjolras/grantaire  enjolras/montparnasse  established-relationship  marriage  romance  adventure  drama  angst  modern!au  terrorist!au  gang!au  criminal!au  hurt/comfort  not!dead  grief  druguse  forcedtokillsomeone  panicattack  revenge  reunion  runningaway 
july 2014 by casey_sms
Gnomon by luchia
“This is what happens when you’re an international beacon of righteous fury and justice for the oppressed masses,” Grantaire says. “Everyone forgets you kill people for a living.”

(OR: Enjolras is the leader of the 'militant extremist organization' ABC, and he and his human shadow Grantaire are somewhere in Russia doing shit that Grantaire can’t even try to explain - Enjolras is acting strange and something Grantaire can't name has gone horribly wrong and christ he should not be sober right now.) (73k. Amazing. The fic where they are terrorists and actually kill people and also R ends up in the hospital three times. Enjolras truly is a charming man capable of terrible things. He subscribes to the ends justifying the means. Grantaire is caught up in it because he is obsessed with Enjolras and wanted to paint him. The blood-splattered painting omg. He thought he could get it out of his system but he couldn't and ends up following Enjolras. He calls it his bad habit. R's paintings are worth a lot actually. Enjolras kept them in the armoury! He also bought R a Matisse as a birthday present and kept it with the guns?!?! I love Enjolras here, he really is all or nothing. When he is in sexual mode for R, he is full on. R gets a call from Cosette representing Interpol. R finds out about Enjolras' plan to blow up 7 major buildings and is upset. Because R cannot excuse the collateral damage. He is so upset he sort of attacks Enjolras and leaves him. Then he gets off his head on drugs because he can't cope. Cosette and Enjolras are both waiting for R to wake up at the hospital. The way that E tries so hard not to change R's mind is adorable. E doesn't really regret his plan but he recognises intellectually it's wrong even if he would still consider doing it. Enjolras changes his mind because the core group can no longer go through with it when Grantaire reveals how horrible the fallout would be - suspend your disbelief, it's a terrorist!au okay. E and R work together to stop the plan which involves pretending to be married except they practically are anyway. Their romance is so, so sweet and ridiculously sweet. Enjolras can be a cold killer but he is also very patient with R and possesive in the hottest way. Mostly bottom!R but I love that switch it up as Enjolras also enjoys penetration. The happiest ending in a terrorist au that you could ask for. Crazy. An insanely intriguing and satisfying read.)

QUOTE: “Drunk enough to kill, high enough to do it well, sober enough to never regret it,” Grantaire had answered, and pointed straight at Enjolras. “I’m going to paint you.” | “I may be so in love with you that it rips me apart hourly, but now I can’t even look at you without feeling sick,” Grantaire says, and releases his hold on Enjolras’ throat. “You fucked up. If you touch me again, you will bleed.”
fandom:lesmis  enjolras/grantaire  romance  adventure  drama  modern!au  terrorist!au  gang!au  criminal!au  hurt/comfort  accidentaloverdose  oralsex  rimming  pretend/undercover  marriage  domesticity  suicidal  smoking  druguse  fluff  sleepcute  runningaway  not!dead  pining  dysfunctionalrship  panicattack 
july 2014 by casey_sms
Revenant by stele3
Post-movie AU in which Bucky didn’t just leave Steve on a river bank...he took him. (73k. Found this wip and couldn't resist reading it. This author is awesome. got me from the get go. Bucky's threats to Steve...Ooooh. I couldn't stop. Steve kisses Bucky to stop them from being found out, oh the pining in this is perfect. Steve just wants his friend back but Bucky is more Winter Soldier than anyone and he doesn't remember so while Steve won't hurt him, Winter Soldier!Bucky won't hesitate and does. Ouch. Winter Soldier!Bucky keeps getting confusing dreams which leave him hard and he doesn't know what to do. It's too much and one things leads to another. In the middle of fighting, Bucky pins Steve and touches him sexually. Steve lets it happen because he doesn't want to hurt Bucky. Steve threatens to hurt himself so Bucky won't hurt Sam. This just keeps getting better. Intense first time that starts off with fighting while Steve is in the shower and of course Steve refuses to fight Bucky but he fights dirty because he doesn't know what else to do. Bucky attempts suicide and Steve has to talk him out of it. Steve has a panic attack from this... I love this fic for the fact that Steve fights dirty and is fucked up too. Bucky's conditioning is heartbreaking. The Doctor didn't want to do it to him and she never hurt him but what she did and it's effects are horrible. Clint connects with Bucky on a rooftop. He gets Bucky's need to know that Pierce is dead, including watching it three times. Clint says he was skullfucked by a Norse god. This fic wins, hands down. Clint confesses that Bucky was his hero when he was a kid! Tony and Bruce are science bros but Bruce isn't good with the holograms xD Climax is fast and from there, Bucky closes himself in until Fury gets him to fight again. In the end, it's Steve and Bucky. Hydra could not take Steve from Bucky because they were too narrow-minded. They didn't understand what Steve meant to Bucky and this brings him home. Steve and Bucky recover from PTSD together. Lovely happy ending.)

QUOTE: “Where is your tracker?” Bucky demands, biting out each word. “You can tell me or I can start cutting in the most likely places.”

Both of Steve’s hands are chained behind him. He twists to escape metal hand pinning him down, fighting for breath. The pressure eases up but he only gets one good breath in before he’s being flipped onto his front. | In the absence of innocent lives to protect, there is nothing that Steve wants to do less than hurt Bucky.
fandom:mcu  fandom:captainamerica  steve/bucky  captive  drama  angst  kneeling/submission  ptsd  pretend/undercover  pining  punchintheface  dreams  runningaway  dubcon  masturbation  handjob  bruises  fight!sex  first-time  seduction  mentalbreakdown  torture  suicidal  #palm  crying  panicattack  recovery/rehab  alwaysmeant2be  domesticity 
june 2014 by casey_sms
your blue-eyed boys [series] by Feather (lalaietha)
Post-Captain America: Winter Soldier recovery fic. (123k. Amazing. Slow build. Well-written. Steve doesn't find the Winter Soldier but Bucky finds him. Tony has bought out Steve's direct neighbors xD Lovely OC in the little girl who tries to sell chocolates to Steve. Turns out Bucky can't keep much food down, steals to adjust to a diet with solids but he loves coffee and chocolate. Bucky runs away sometimes because he needs space. Bucky doesn't eat or sleep much. Steve tries to help. Steve is also a manipulative little shit. Steve and Bucky watch My Neighbor Totoro! Bucky also likes watching Firefly and a lot of Game of Thrones. Bucky's arm hurts him constantly. Great Betty Ross! Steve is afraid that Bucky has been raped and the way Bucky responds is perfect. Just love the gentle feel of this fic. It gets dramatic sure, but never overdoes it. Perfectly paced. Happy ending (cute outsider pov) makes this an awesome happy place. Recced on Twitter.)
fandom:mcu  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:avengers  steve/bucky  tony/pepper  bruce/betty  clint/natasha  friendship  drama  romance  hurt/comfort  sleepcute  ptsd  nightmares  runningaway  pining  firstkiss  recovery/rehab  selfharm  outsiderPOV 
june 2014 by casey_sms
The last thing Derek and Cora are expecting to find outside their motel room is a gaunt Stiles Stilinski, lacrosse bag on one shoulder and the weight of the world on the other.
roadtrip  panicattack  friendship  stilinski!feels  hurt/comfort  derek/stiles  nightmares  runningaway 
november 2013 by twilight_eyes9210
Magpie - Chapter 1 - waldorph - Star Trek (2009), Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Spock met Jim when he was 7 and Jim was 6. It has since been generally agreed that this was a mistake (or: the one where they grow up together and things are simultaneously better and worse for it). (57k. Top rated K/S story in AO3 according to kudos as of 2013! Great story. I like the way this story deals with them growing up and being teenagers, the sexting is hilarious. It also deals with cultural differences. The misunderstanding they have over their bond/relationship works and doesn't feel forced - sometimes Spock's logic blinds him to some things that Jim accepts and knows much more easily because things don't have to make sense, they just are. Spock enables Jim and Jim allows Spock to be different. Spock even has an account set up for Jim to take care of him because he knows his family especially his empath brother, do not approve of his friendship with Jim. I love stories like this which is really all about finding your place in the world and wanting someone to love you for the person/being that you are. It's a slow build from best friends to lovers and feels like it is meant to be. Happy ending. Recced on Twitter. Reread Jan 2014.)

QUOTE: “Everyone is dying,” the boy explained, surveying them all with a grim expression, leaning against the tree. He sighed and shook his head, folding his arms over his chest. “It’s a no-win situation.”

Spock tried to understand why the jumble of figurines could be construed as a situation without solution, but he felt he lacked sufficient data. “How do you play if they all die?” he asked instead, and the boy gave him a look that said Spock was an idiot, completely and utterly. It stung: on Vulcan Spock was one of the most intelligent children in his class, and this boy was a child who had decided arbitrarily that inanimate figurines had to die. Spock was not given to using his imagination, but he was fairly certain one could create a last-minute rescue while playing.
fandom:star_trek_09  kirk/spock  childhoodfriends!au  drama  long-distance  romance  angst  bond  jealousy  phonesex  first-time  secretr'ship  runningaway  childabuse  friendship  family  adoption 
may 2013 by casey_sms
Disclosures - gqgqqt - Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Phil Coulson is miserable, distrusted by most of SHIELD, and still doesn't remember why.

It's only going to get worse before it gets better. (67k. Loki sort of tortures Clint as leverage against Coulson. Loki mindcontrols Clint and gets him to hurt Phil aww. I love how this story also addresses how Coulson being in charge of the Avengers Initiative changes the way Clint has been working with him. Warning for Phil gets his both his index fingers cut off - and healed. Phil is on the run from SHIELD to try and save Clint. Cuts between flashback and present, the way this is written is absolutely riveting. This fic has ruined me for life. Happy ending, or as happy as you can get anyway.)
fandom:avengers  clint/phil  amnesia  torture  adventure  substitution  forcedtowatch  mindcontrol  forcedtohurtsomeone  asphixiation  characterstudy  style  runningaway  cuddling  humiliation  crying  broken  roadtrip  illness/disability  unusual-condition  deleted_work 
march 2013 by casey_sms
A Battle, A War, A Growing Up - visiblemarket - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Darwin/Alex roadtrip, featuring: angst, self-hatred, sweetness, literary allusions, poetry, boys circling each other and being tentative, a hopeful ending made sad in light of how the movie goes, some geographic fuckery in order to indulge my highway fangirling, and more! (Lovely. The author's note about smoking is cute. I love how everyone thinks Alex has had gay sex because of prison...)
fandom:x-men1stclass  alex/armando  angst  sexualtension  roadtrip  runningaway  homophobia  domesticity 
february 2013 by casey_sms
Amateur Theatrics - Chapter 1 - galaxysoup - The Avengers (2012), Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Thor’s primary problem-solving method (a mighty blow from Mjolnir) fails to have the desired effect on a magical artifact, and his secondary method (a mightier blow from Mjolnir) proves to be actively disastrous. (Aww Loki is so cute. And there are cultural differences! LOL Justin Bieber gets randomly engaged in this story. Loki is the only one who can fix it but he's been de-aged. When he finally figures it out, he tries the magic out on himself and turns himself into a girl-child. Awww. Protective!Avengers trying to be good parents never gets old. Adult-Loki gives himself up to be a child and stays that way - it's like a do-over. Happy ending! What a great read, such a happy place.)

QUOTE: “In other words, what you’re saying is that my elite superhero team now consists of an assassin who can’t be around other people, a genius engineer who can’t focus on anything but his new breasts, a skinny asthmatic from Brooklyn, a man in a coma, and Barton.”
fandom:avengers  humor  friendship  de-age  genderswap  bodyswap  cute  amnesia  babysitting  runningaway  sleepcute  nightmares  crying 
february 2013 by casey_sms
Runaway With Me - gagcaster - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis cares for Harry like only he can. (1.6k. They cut Harry's vocal chords...Louis substitutes himself for Harry. From chat fic. Actually quite dark even though it has a happy ending.)
bandom:onedirection  harry/louis  harry/other  louis/other  slave!au  noncon  bdsm  humiliation  mute  unusual-condition  forcedtowatch  substitution  runningaway 
february 2013 by casey_sms
Monsters at Home - theteapirate - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
High School!AU. Everyone's eyes are on Harry, the beautiful, charming new student. Harry's only got eyes for the school golden boy: football captain Louis Tomlinson, whose homophobic father complicates matters a bit. (21.5k. Majorly creeped out by the way Louis is freaked out about his dad. The way Harry ends texts with ASCII dick lol omg. Love the Stan and Liam and Louis friendship . Great Zayn and Harry friendship - Zayn threatens to spank Louis if he badmouths Harry one more time. I get the predicament in this Harry is neglected by his parents so he focuses all his love on Louis. Louis loves Harry but Harry keeps trying to out him and he just doesn't understand Louis' father is a homophobic dick. Harry is willing to fight for Louis but Louis is confused. Nick outs Louis at school D: This is the angst I've been looking for. Louis stands up to his dad and goes to Harry. Happy Larry ending.)
bandom:onedirection  harry/louis  louis/other  highschool!au  drama  angst  childabuse  childneglect  crying  gaycrisis  handjob  awkward!sex  first-time  dirtytalk  walkinonsomeone  pretend/undercover  friendship  pining  smoking  #palm  runningaway  homophobia  bullying 
january 2013 by casey_sms
conquest: Interlude: Fall Apart. R.
Sam gets his scholarship, and Dean goes with him to Stanford. But it falls apart. They fall apart. (It doesn't get better. The sec is sad.)
fandom:spn  dean/other  dean/sam  hooker!au  angst  drama  dubcon  incest  prostitution  runningaway 
january 2013 by casey_sms
What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost? - ragingrainbow - One Direction (Band), Real Person Fiction [Archive of Our Own]
They took his eyes. Let’s see how far you can run without your eyes, aye? (528 words. Sad ending. They're going to be separated but Harry promises to find Louis omg that ray of hope in such a bleak universe.../wibbles)
bandom:onedirection  harry/louis  slave!au  romance  drama  angst  runningaway  blindness  dark  crying 
january 2013 by casey_sms
They Call Them Cold Blooded Killers - perdiccas - Heroes [Archive of Our Own]
They leave a bloodbath in their wake. (Dark. Sylar can't die...but Luke can. Oh so good. I love the way this author writers SyLuke. Sylar is Luke's dark mentor. He takes care of Luke in his own fucked up way.)
fandom:heroes  sylar/luke  dark  runningaway  slap  dysfunctionalrship  mentor 
january 2013 by casey_sms
Every Me and Every You by osaki_nana_707
Neil McCormick is fraying at the seams. Then he meets Eames, professional dreamer. (Neil just won't leave things alone so he breaks in to Eames' hotel room and goes down in the dream with him. Neil's subconscious is a mess though. I love it when Wendy walks in in Neil and Eames making out. Neil is Arthur on the job and he is badass. Neil starts to trust. Eames and Neil fuck and Eames has to go but Neil is confident that he will return because he has his PASIV. Neil goes home instead to see how Eric and Brian are doing. Not good. Eames flies the to meet Neil. Neil gets triggered when Eames is in the bathroom with him, poor bb. Wendy gets killed. Neil doesn't deal well. Eames offers to help fix Neil's subconscious. It gets fixed but Arthur takes over and Neil is locked away. The two bits of Neil's selves finally come together when Arthur loses Mal. It's like losing Wendy all over again. Bittersweet ending because Arthur and Neil heal and he finally feels and doesn't run away but he grieves for Mal.)
fandom:inception  fandom:mysteriousskin  neil/eames  arthur/eames  crossover  drama  humor  noncon  childabuse  prostitution  crying  walkinonsomeone  cuddling  nightmares  punchintheface  ptsd  seduction  fingering  ridingsomeone  facials  2ndcharacterdeath  runningaway  hurt/comfort  grief  amnesia  bittersweet 
january 2013 by casey_sms
we're the sparks that never fade - crucios - One Direction (Band), X Factor RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Louis rests his chin against his knees and stares up through his eyelashes. “So what’d your shrink say, then? Are you certifiable?” he asks seriously; he’s wearing a beanie hat and a knitted scarf now, and his cheeks and nose are tinged pink with the cold. Harry wants to tell him he looks like winter, but he doesn’t. (Happy ending.)

QUOTE: He hasn’t taken his meds since the morning before Gemma called; he wouldn’t even call it a conscious decision really, he just sort of stopped. He thinks he might be shaking a bit from it but he’s about 90% sure that not-taking them can’t possibly be as bad as taking them. He’s so bloody tired of feeling nothing that he imagines a truckload of emotion would be less exhausting at this point.

or, a garden state au in which harry doesn't even know what's wrong with him, louis lies a lot, and in the end it doesn't really matter because all they needed was each other
bandom:onedirection  harry/louis  niall/zayn  liam/niall/zayn  au  movie!au  friendship  humor  romance  banter/snark  mentalillness  meet-the-parents  crying  hurt/comfort  runningaway  drunk  drinkinggame  drunkenkiss  holiday!fic  domesticity  fluff 
january 2013 by casey_sms

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