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Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes of 2018 | Switchback Travel
See our guide to the best lightweight hiking shoes of 2018, with reviews of top men’s and women’s hiking shoes from Salomon, Merrell, Keen, and more.
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How to Start Running - Well Guides - The New York Times
Starting a new running habit doesn’t have to be hard. The Well Guide makes it easy to get started, get inspired and stay on track. Are you ready? Let’s go!
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2XU Compression, Fitness & Workout Gear | 2XU
ZXU? | Official 2XU Triathlon, Workout & Compression Clothing offer superior technology & fabrics to multiply your performance.
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First run in months. Take that, PF!
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A mental technique called “cognitive reappraisal” makes long-distance running feel easier – Research Digest
Try to view the pain dispassionately, like a scientist studying the experience. By Christian Jarrett

practice “cognitive reappraisal” – don’t ignore the sensations as such, but try to view them in a dispassionate way, as if you are a scientist studying running or a journalist reporting on the experience.

they were told to either use “cognitive reappraisal” (to adopt a neutral, detached attitude toward the subjective experience, like a scientist or journalist studying it) or “distraction” (thinking about things besides the run).

participants felt they were exerting themselves less when they followed the “cognitive reappraisal” strategy and they experienced lower levels of emotional arousal, as compared with the run in which they were given no coping instructions. This was despite maintaining the same pace and heart-rate. In contrast, the distraction instructions appeared to make no difference to feelings of exertion or emotional arousal compared with the control run.
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3 days ago by sirchutney

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