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RuneQuest 6 Cry for Help
I think you should treat your skills and weapon choices as a guide to how you want to play your character - not as the character itself.
If you are wondering what makes your character unique, you should look at all these things (and probably in this order):

- Your cultural norms and outlook, and how those colour your view of the world
- You cult/brotherhood outlook, or that of your mentor
- Your unique background (rolled or selected from the table)
- Your family and other community connections
- Your combat style and trait - and which combat effects are your favourite
- Your passions
- Your goals
- Your characteristics (am I strong, fast, durable, smart, charming?)
- You skill percentages

I've frequently run and played in games where characters were siblings/cousins to one another and shared many of the same cultural trappings, family, goals, and cultural weapons - yet they were totally different characters in play and reacted very differently to the situations they were thrown into.
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