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Running a Python script from PHP - Stack Overflow
I haven't tried this way for myself yet. I opted to use Symfony's Process library instead.
stackoverflow  howto  execute  run  python  python2.7  script  php  within  example  guide  reference  totry 
5 days ago by racl101
How do you run JavaScript script through the Terminal? - Stack Overflow
Use this approach if you want to run a JavaScript script that imports npm packages but on the command line.
stackoverflow  howto  run  node  npm  nodejs  javascript  execute  terminal  commandline  guide  reference  example 
6 days ago by racl101
How to Auto Export the Specific Incoming Emails as Word Documents in Outlook
Some users often need to export the specific incoming emails as Word documents. In this article, we will introduce a method that can configure Outlook to automatically accomplish this task.
Auto  Export  Incoming  Emails  Email  as  Word  Document  Outlook  Rule  VBA  repair  pst  Run  a  Script 
13 days ago by DataNumen
thoughtbot/terrapin: Run shell commands safely, even with user-supplied values
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
geem  library  rails  rubyonrails  ruby  run  shell  command  launch 
14 days ago by ebouchut
As we all know. CHKDSK is able to check your drives for errors. Yet, if misused, it will cause unrecoverable damage to your drives. Now, in this article, we will expose its 4 most common risks.
CHKDSK  damaged  PST  Data  Loss  Physical  Damage  Risks  of  Run  virus  attacks 
16 days ago by DataNumen
Salesforce keeps revenue pedal to the metal with another mammoth quarter
"Salesforce just keeps on growing revenue. In another remarkable quarter, the company announced 3.01 billion in revenue for Q1 2019 with no signs of slowing down. That puts the CRM giant on a run rate of over $12 billion with the company’s most optimistic projections suggesting it could go even higher. It’s also the first time they have surpassed $3 billion in revenue for a quarter."
cloud  earnings  enterprise  crm  marc  benioff  revenue  run  rate  salesforce 
17 days ago by jonerp

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