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Report: Apple actively seeking to phase out Lightning connector on future iPhones | iLounge News
Apple is actively working to remove the Lightning connector from future iPhone models, and in fact considered removing it from the iPhone X, according to a follow-up from MacRumors on today’s report on AirPower development. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman noted in the original report that “Apple weighed removing the wired charging system entirely” during the development of the iPhone X — which Gurman confirmed to MacRumors would have meant removing the Lightning connector entirely — but opted not to do so due to the lower speed of wireless charging and the added cost of including a wireless charging accessory in the box. That said, reports have circulated for the past few years that Apple is looking to remove most of the external ports and even buttons on the iPhone — a process that began with the controversial elimination of the headphone jack in 2017 — so it seems reasonable that as the cost and performance of wireless charging reaches an acceptable level, the Lightning port will be phased out entirely, and this also makes it seem unlikely that Apple is seriously pondering a switch to a native USB-C port. That said, the removal of the Lightning port is likely still a few years away, although with an increased focus on wireless headphones and wireless sync — compared to a few years ago, relatively few users tether their iPhone to a computer anymore — it definitely seems like something that is possible. It would also eliminate one of the most significant security vulnerabilities in the iPhone by preventing any direct connections at all — something Apple has already been working to tighten up in iOS 12.
iphone  rumor 
3 days ago by rgl7194
Foldable Galaxy X Will Cost Over $1,800 (Report)
As reported by The Korea Times, the head of research at Golden Bridge Investment claims that the Galaxy X could cost as much as 2 million won without a carrier subsidy, which would come out to about $1,841 in today's U.S. dollars.
samsung  mobile  rumor 
7 days ago by jasonsamuels
Next iPhone Squeezable? Here's How It Would Work
like everything else in Apple's universe, it's impossible to know whether this idea is a just a concept that it'll never bring to its handsets. After all, Apple has been known to take what other companies are doing and improve upon it in its own handsets. But at the same time, edge-squeezing technology hasn't exactly taken off, which might give Apple pause.
apple  rumor 
9 days ago by jasonsamuels
Galaxy S10 Leak Points to a Breakthrough Phone
the tl;dr is that this phone is going to be faster and more responsive than any Samsung phone we've seen before. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ currently use UFS 2.1 flash storage modules, which are among the fastest mobile chips available. UFS 3.0 modules will double the bandwidth of their predecessors, consume less power, and be able to function at higher temperatures.
samsung  gadgetluv  rumor  mobile 
10 days ago by jasonsamuels
No More Training Wheels? Google Pixelbook May Soon Run Windows 10
In an odd twist, the folks over at XDA Developers this week discovered some code inside Chrome OS that suggests that Google's Pixelbook could natively boot both Chrome OS and Windows 10.

chromebooks  windows  rumor 
10 days ago by jasonsamuels
Leak: Everything Is Bigger in the Galaxy Note 9
Samsung's planning some important updates for the Galaxy Note 9. And nearly all of them center on something bigger.
samsung  mobile  gadgetluv  rumor 
12 days ago by jasonsamuels
iPhone X Plus Leak Reveals Triple Camera and Notch Change
On the rear, there appears to be some debate over what we're seeing. The schematic clearly shows a vertically aligned set of cameras. Forbes, which also obtained the schematic, claims that it's a triple-lens camera. Others, however, are saying that the schematic is showing a dual-lens camera that also features a flash. The small dot next to the middle component appears to be a sensor, which would follow the same camera design in the iPhone X.
apple  mobile  rumor 
13 days ago by jasonsamuels
The Next iPhone's A12 Chip Is Ready to Beat Android (Again)
The company's manufacturing partner Taiwan Semiconductor has started to mass-produce the A12 processor we'll find in this year's iPhones, Bloomberg is reporting, citing people who claim to have knowledge of those production efforts. According to the report, the the new chip will feature a 7-nanometer design instead of the 10-nanometer process Apple used in last year's A11 chips.

The smaller chips should allow for more design flexibility, but will also likely be faster and more efficient, allowing for better performance and longer battery life.
apple  mobile  cpu  rumor 
4 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
Microsoft Is Said To Plan Low-Cost Tablet Line To Rival IPad - Bloomberg Quint
The new tablets will feature 10-inch screens -- around the same size as a standard iPad, but smaller than the 12-inch screens used on the Surface Pro laptop line. The new Surfaces, priced about $400, will have rounded edges like an iPad, differing from the squared off corners of current models. They’ll also include USB-C connectivity, a first for Surface tablets, a new charging and syncing standard being used by some of the latest smartphones.
Microsoft  surface  tablet  rumor 
5 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
Leak: Google Pixel Watches to Launch Alongside Pixel 3
In a tweet on Thursday (May 10), noted leaker Evan Blass reported that Google will hold a special hardware event in the fall that will include Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL announcements. Additionally, Blass, who heard the news from what he called "a reliable source," said Google will also showcase a second-generation pair of Pixel Buds earbuds, along with a new Pixel smartwatch.
google  gadgetluv  watch  rumor 
6 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
Galaxy S10 Leak Reveals Key Features
Chief among those features you can't find elsewhere is a virtual fingerprint sensor baked into the screen. According to the report, which cited sources and was earlier discovered by BGR, Samsung is planning to bundle a virtual sensor in the smartphone, but it could nix the idea if manufacturing problems continue to plague its smartphones.
samsung  mobile  gadgetluv  rumor 
7 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
Intel’s Core i7-9700K: What We Know (And How It Could Beat AMD)
Multiple rumors and leaks strongly indicate that the ostensible Core i7-9700K will sport eight CPU cores and 16 threads, in contrast to the six cores and 12 threads on the Core i7-8700K. If this turns out to be true, it will be a first for Intel on a mainstream-grade CPU platform—as opposed to the enthusiast-targeted Core X-Series platform, which goes all the way up to 18 cores (if you can afford to drop a couple of grand on a CPU). But the eight cores on the Core i7-9700K, if that turns out to be accurate, only just matches what AMD has to offer in terms of cores and threads on its mainstream Ryzen CPUs; it doesn’t surpass the competition.
intel  cpu  rumor 
11 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
Apple Testing 'Touchless' Gestures for New iPhones and Weird Curved Displays
The touchless gestures would allow an iPhone to detect the proximity of a finger to a phone and perform a gesture without actually tapping the screen. Sources told the publication that it could be ready within two years, but Apple could choose not to go forward with the project.
apple  mobile  rumor 
11 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
OnePlus 6 Gets Official Tease with New Video
In addition to the Snapdragon 845, the OnePlus 6 is expected to come with a revamped design that could include the Notch. The smartphone could feature dual vertically aligned cameras and a fingerprint sensor on the back. The handset will be running on Android, of course, and come with OnePlus' Oxygen OS skin.

Although OnePlus hasn't confirmed pricing, a recent leak suggested the smartphone could cost $749, making it notably cheaper than its top competitors, including the iPhone X and Galaxy S9.
OnePlus  gadgetluv  mobile  rumor 
11 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
Daring Fireball: Bloomberg: ‘Apple Plans to Use Its Own Chips in Macs From 2020, Replacing Intel’
Hell of a scoop if it pans out. We’ve all been speculating about ARM-based Macs for years. In broad strokes it seems like a rather obvious idea:
Apple seeks to control its own future. With Intel, Apple has often been stuck waiting for new Intel chips. The update schedule for new Mac hardware is often in Intel’s hands, not Apple’s.
Apple’s internal chip team has been killing it. They’ve never had a bad year. I think you can argue that they’ve never had anything but a great year. iPhones and iPad Pros have been faster than most MacBooks for years now, and that just seems wrong.
But when you start thinking about the details, this transition would (will?) be very difficult. First, while Apple’s existing A-series chips are better for energy-efficient mobile device use (iPhone, iPad, just-plain MacBook), Apple’s internal team has never made anything to compete with Intel at the high-performance end (MacBook Pros, and especially iMacs and Mac Pros). I’m not saying they can’t. I’m just saying they haven’t shown us anything yet.
And then there’s all sorts of questions about the transition period. Will there be something like Rosetta — an emulator or translator that allows existing x86 Mac software to run on the new ARM-based Macs? How far in advance will Apple announce this, so that developers can adapt their apps? (Apple announced the switch from PowerPC to Intel at WWDC 2005, and started shipping Intel-based MacBook Pros in early 2006.)
apple  chip  mac  rumor  2020s  daring_fireball 
11 weeks ago by rgl7194

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