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Another Europe is Unlikely: Why Socialist Transformation Won’t Happen Within the EU | Novara Media
Putting to one side the continued influence of financial institutions and special interest groups on European politics, a more fundamental challenge comes from the national interests of the most powerful states within the EU. For Germany, the priority is reducing inflation and resisting any attempt at debt mutualisation – the guaranteeing of the sovereign debt of other states. For France, it is transforming the rhetoric of ‘ever closer union’ into reality. For the Visegrád group (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia), it is maintaining their authoritarian grip on power and securing the EU’s borders.
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3 days ago by petej
Project Guidelines: A set of best practices for JavaScript projects
While developing a new project is like rolling on a green field for you, maintaining it is a potential dark twisted nightmare for someone else. Here's a list of guidelines we've found, written and gathered that (we think) works really well with most JavaScript projects here at elsewhen. If you want to share a best practice, or think one of these guidelines should be removed, feel free to share it with us.
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14 days ago by spaceninja

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