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Software Quality: Basics of the Unix Philosophy Weblog
From Eric Raymond's "The Art of Unix Programming" i picked here the 17 rules described as the Basics of the Unix Philosophy. For me these are also rules for writing high quality software:
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yesterday by hydeph
The Dragon's Tomb - YouTube
Each one of my videos concisely covers all rules of each game, while being hosted by someone who isn't a nerd (me). I am planning on making a "How To Play" video for every board game that exists, so if you get a new game, please wait until I make a video for it before attempting to play
boardgames  rules  instructions  tutorials  video 
6 days ago by PinMarco
Mass Unsubscribe Mailchimp | Matt Mullenweg
> A good trick to find and unsubscribe from all the Mailchimp lists you're on is to search for and then select all, report as spam, and unsubscribe.
filter  email  rules  s  mailchimp 
8 days ago by jefftriplett
How to calculate United States holiday observances
> The rules are pretty simple:

> - If the holiday lands on a Saturday, observance is on the previous Friday.
> - If the holiday lands on a Sunday, observance is on the following Monday.

> This simple set of rules holds true for most holidays here in the United States.
holidays  rules 
8 days ago by jefftriplett
Ten Simple Rules for Effective Statistical Practice
Ten Simple Rules for Effective Statistical Practice
Robert E. Kass, Brian S. Caffo, Marie Davidian, Xiao-Li Meng, Bin Yu, Nancy Reid
statistics  datascience  rules  effective 
18 days ago by areich
Koalitionsvertrag: Das haben wir erreicht für...
Here is the "Koalitationsvertrag" of CDU, CSU and SPD
spd  politics  handbook  rules  decision  debate  csu  cdu 
19 days ago by hanseatunikat

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