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Astra (3 colors) | My Style in 2019 | Dress shoes with jeans, Mens fashion:__cat__, Fashion
From Pinterest: I once heard there was a rule you shouldn't wear dress shoes with jeans. Worst rule ever. I LOVE this look.
ifttt  pinterest  I  once  heard  there  was  a  rule  you  shouldn't  wear  dress  shoes  with  jeans.  Worst  ever.  LOVE  this  look. 
16 days ago by nayyar
Apache redirect www to non-www and HTTP to HTTPS — Simone Carletti
How to redirect the www host name to the root domain (or vice-versa) with Apache and HTTPS.
apache  rewrite  rule 
27 days ago by pokerone
Bustle : Here’s Every Carry On carryOn Bag Rule From Major Airlines In The U.S. USA needsEditing
If you've ever gone through the trouble of meticulously packing a carry-on bag so that you have all of your essentials within reach, in flight, only to get to the gate and find out it's too big and has to be checked, you know how important luggage…
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Bustle  :  Here’s  Every  Carry  On  carryOn  Bag  Rule  From  Major  Airlines  In  The  U.S.  USA  needsEditing  from iphone
5 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
Using the Drools Rule Engine for Access Control Management
In this paper we explore the usage of rule engines in a graphical framework for visualising dynamic access control policies. We use the Drools rule engine to dynamically compute permissions, following the Category-Based Access Control metamodel
clara  Access  Control  Rule  Engine  Drools  Privacy 
11 weeks ago by davidmojo

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