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Amber Rudd boasted of harsher immigration strategy, leak reveals | Politics | The Guardian
Rudd promised the prime minister she would oversee the forced or voluntary departure of 10% more people than May managed when she was home secretary, partly by switching money for crime-fighting to her immigration enforcement programme // and now we've deported countless citizens and everyone's been stabbed
immigration  rudd 
april 2018 by yorksranter
Few Tories even grasp what Windrush says about them | Isabel Hardman | Opinion | The Guardian
Amber Rudd, her successor, is known to be more liberal on immigration in private // except when she is trying to DEPORT ALL THE PEOPLE
pitiful  homeoffice  immigration  rudd 
april 2018 by yorksranter
Philip Hammond raises further doubts about May's future as Tory leader | Politics | The Guardian
The Sunday Times reported at the weekend that Hammond, Boris Johnson, David Davis and Amber Rudd were involved in feverish plotting to replace May immediately after her snap election gamble in June failed to deliver the promised Tory majority.

When asked repeatedly whether he believed May should lead the party into the next election, Hammond insisted the issue was separate from the immediate question of leading the UK through the Brexit talks.
Brexit  Theresa  May  GE2017  Philip  Hammond  David  Davis  Amber  Rudd  Boris  Johnson  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative 
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Brexit: UK 'likely' to stop sharing intelligence with EU through Europol, says Amber Rudd
"It's the same paragraph but it's not in the same sentence," she said // is Amber Rudd ever coherent?
europol  tories  homeoffice  rudd 
september 2017 by yorksranter
Election debate: reaction and analysis after Jeremy Corbyn and party leaders spar – as it happened | Politics | The Guardian
Like any content-rich political event – a party conference speech, a budget, a manifesto – a debate offers numerous potential “lines” and it can be hard to work out immediately which ones (if any?) have any lasting significance. And a seven-way debate, to use a technical term employed by the Sunday Times’ Tim Shipman (see 8.44pm), is a clusterfuck. There weren’t any stand-out winners, but most attention was focused on Jeremy Corbyn and he did well. His attack on Paul Nuttall over food banks was one of the highlights of the debate – he was authentic and passionate – and increasingly the CCHQ charge that he is an implausible PM seems to look less convincing.

The other main figure on the stage tonight was Amber Rudd. In a six-against-one scenario she seemed to hold up quite credibly, and she wins the message discipline prize of the night (one derided by the media, but important nonetheless) for her constant jibes about Labour’s money tree.

As for the others, Tim Farron had some of the best soundbites of the evening, and his final line about not giving Theresa May your time, because she is not giving hers to you, was one of the best lines of the evening. Caroline Lucas (predictably) and Leanne Wood (a bit less predictably) had some outstanding moments. Their two-pronged attack on Rudd, over the Tories being in coalition with Ukip (see 8.09pm), was particularly effective, and Wood came out with the best put-down of the whole evening when she depicted Nuttall as someone who would try to divorce his wife without paying: “We all know about blokes like you.” (See 8.49am.) Angus Robertson was particularly effective when it came to challenging Nuttall on migration. And even Paul Nuttall was better than he was in last week’s debate, although, as the only leave voter on the panel, it is hard to credit how he ended up representing over 50% of the country.

There may not have been a winner, but there was a loser: May herself. Long after we have all forgotten anything that was said last night, we will remember that May did not show up. Earlier I wrote that it seemed to make sense for a PM with a lead in the polls to avoid a debate like this. (See 2.57pm.) Now I am not so sure. David Cameron managed to wriggle out of one of the debates in 2015, but it went ahead without a Conservative and they called it a “challengers’ debate”, as if that was an established constitutional norm. No one particularly noticed that Cameron had stayed at home. But when Rudd tried to answer the question about leadership by praising the abilities of someone who was not even there (see 8.51pm), May’s absence was transparent – and not particularly explicable. Perhaps voters will decide they don’t mind very much. But if May’s ratings continue to slide even further, this will inevitably be seen as a contributing factor.
election  may  rudd  corbyn  farron  lucas 
june 2017 by libbymiller
(482) School of Public Policy | Patricia Tagliaferri Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series - Niall Ferguson - YouTube
Donald Trump is Populist. not autocrat. usa not entering tyranny. he is a tool. a puppet. a tool for demos appetite for populism and strongman. difference is Facism likes military and uniforms. Amber Rudd wanted to count foreign workers and publish it ... // Angus Deaton epidemic of substance abuse and suicide. Yuhval said that you are more likely at your own hands than anything else // comming apart - book // winner takes all problem of neolib global multinational liberal capitalism // min 30:30 - social science, systemanalysis ala luhmann does not help. the plain of real life, real life solutions. // united states of amnesia, no history. // need to study applied history //
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  demagogue  populism  history  Niall  Ferguson  Brexit  AfD  UK  USA  France  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  Amber  Rudd  Theresa  May  Nigel  Farage  Elite  Plutocracy  Oligarchy  BarackObama  1%  economic  10%  Super  Rich  inequality  poverty  trap  gini  Angus  Deaton  book  middle  class  American  Dream  social  income  mobility  Abstieg  Abstiegsangst  Angst  Armut  Germany  GroKo  GFC  bank  bailout  capitalism  neoliberalism  globalisation  structural  underemployed  unemployment 
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UK denies residency to London-born children of Dutch-Spanish couple | Politics | The Guardian
Their experience is the latest of many reported by the Guardian illustrating how red tape is heaping worry on families across the country.
Theresa  May  Amber  Rudd  Home  Office  UK  EEA  immigration  Brexit  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  far-right  right-wing  human  rights 
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Teenager killed himself in prison after getting deportation letter | UK news | The Guardian
Deport Deport Deport! // society without empathy. parents came here, he grew up here, gets deported to a foreign country ... // this gov is not run by a conservative and unionist party it is run by UKIP-light. // >> Without a British passport, you are a 2nd class citizen. Hoechstens geduldet! << //
UK  Brexit  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  Home  Office  Asylum  immigration  EEA  empathy  Theresa  May  Amber  Rudd  Philosophy  ethics  ethical  moral  morality  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  UKIP  Richard  David  Precht  Austerity  Poverty  working  poor  Precariat 
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Lord chief justice attacks Liz Truss for failing to back article 50 judges | Politics | The Guardian
The lord chief justice, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, has launched a forthright attack on the justice secretary, Liz Truss, for her failure last year to defend judges who were branded “enemies of the people”.

The most senior judge in England and Wales also lambasted her department for putting out inaccurate information last weekend about extending a scheme for pre-recording testimony from rape victims.
Brexit  Theresa  May  Liz  Truss  Amber  Rudd  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  right-wing  far-right  DailyMail  Daily  Mail  Populism  Nationalism 
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