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rvm on arch issue | github
which ruby

ruby -e 'print Gem.user_dir'
arch  ruby 
11 hours ago by jeffroush
ankane/dexter: The automatic indexer for Postgres
The automatic indexer for Postgres. Contribute to ankane/dexter development by creating an account on GitHub.
postgresql  ruby  indexing 
19 hours ago by geetarista
ruby-formatter/rufo: The Ruby Formatter - created by @asterite
The Ruby Formatter - created by @asterite. Contribute to ruby-formatter/rufo development by creating an account on GitHub.
19 hours ago by geetarista
Why Ruby is an acceptable LISP
Random code snippets, projects and musings about software from Eric Kidd, a developer and entrepreneur.
ruby  lisp  programming 
21 hours ago by coarsesand
Ruby’s New Exception Keyword Arguments – Square Corner Blog – Medium
Ruby’s New Exception Keyword Arguments - Added June 12, 2018 at 03:48PM
read2of  ruby 
yesterday by xenocid

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