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"Transform your plain text into static websites and blogs."
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23 hours ago by j_narwhal
6 Optimization Tips for Ruby MRI -
require 'benchmark'

n = 100000 do |x|'copy') { n.times do ; h = {}; h = h.merge({1 => 2}); end }'no copy') { n.times do ; h = {}; h.merge!({1 => 2}); end }
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yesterday by some_hren
Benchmarking a Go AI in Ruby: CRuby vs. Rubinius vs. JRuby vs. Truffle – a year later – Journeys of a young Software Engineer
TruffleRuby is making steady and great progress, which I’m thoroughly impressed with. To be honest, I was wondering if its performance increased since the last benchmark as I was worried that implementing new Ruby features would lead to decreased performance. Seeing that it still managed a 2x performance improvement is mind boggling.

Raw speed is one thing, but if you’re familiar with TruffleRuby, one of the more noticable downsides is the big warmup time that it needs to do all of its fancy optimizations – so the peak performance you see here is only achieved after a certain time where it is much slower. Still, I’m happy to say that warmup also improved since last time! Where the old truffleruby, in my benchmarks, took about 101 seconds or 13 iterations to reach peak performance (hence the very long warmup time, to make sure every implementation is warm) the new one took around 52 seconds or 7 iterations. Still – the first of those warmup iterations took 27 seconds, so if you can’t deal with some warmup time to start with this might be a deal breaker.
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yesterday by some_hren
Ruby library that makes it easy to create HTTP requests.
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yesterday by moalex
Dependabot - Automated Dependency Updates
"Automated dependency updates

Dependabot creates pull requests to keep your Ruby, Python, JavaScript and PHP dependencies up-to-date."
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yesterday by kevinrood
@matiaskorhonen You could start with @kytrinyx 's which has an Elixir problem to solve.
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yesterday by Athanos
Malloc Can Double Multi-threaded Ruby Program Memory Usage
Memory fragmentation is difficult to measure and diagnose, but it can also sometimes be very easy to fix. Let's look at one source of memory fragmentation in multi-threaded CRuby programs: malloc's per-thread memory arenas. (3343 words/20 minutes)
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yesterday by moonhouse
Bindings in Ruby – Behind the Magic of Blocks
Why block can see local variables defined before him? Why can it change them? What kind of sorcery is this? I will try to answer that question in this post. We will see examples of blocks and hidden secret hero behind the magic – binding object.
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yesterday by moonhouse
Record Keeper assist in accessing the records at Crystal Vibrations on Etsy-
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yesterday by randyhilarski
Filterrific is a Rails Engine plugin that makes it easy to filter, search, and sort your ActiveRecord lists.

Project homepage:
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yesterday by rub1

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