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utf 8 - Rails, sending mail to an address with accented characters - Stack Overflow
finally solved this, if you wrap the local part of the email in quotes, and leave the domain part unquoted it works a treat. Seems like Mailer is encoding the full email address if you dont wrap in quotes, and hence breaks the encoding over to the server.

e.g. somé wont work

where as "somébody" will work

routes through fine and displays fine in all clients.
ruby  smtp  email 
4 hours ago by kjeldahl
Configure any server to run Ruby on Rails servers in minutes and without hassle.
ruby  heroku  hosting 
14 hours ago by junya
Unicorn • A place for open source creatures
Another package for interacting with the GitHub API; a lightweight wrapper for the Github API.
github  api  ruby 
14 hours ago by scottnelsonsmith

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