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Running a child process in Ruby (properly) – Zendesk Engineering – Medium
We use Ruby a lot here at Zendesk, and mostly it works pretty well for us. But one thing that sucks is when it makes the wrong solution easy, and the right solution not just hard, but hard to even…
yesterday by sfriedenberg
Ruby's Pessimistic Operator
Articles by thoughtbot about product design, web development, mobile development, and growth.
yesterday by sfriedenberg
IO in Ruby
Learn about Ruby's beautiful, duck-typed approach to Input/Output.
yesterday by sfriedenberg
as-duration: Extraction of ActiveSupport::Duration from Rails
suhlig starred janko-m/as-duration janko-m/as-duration Extraction of ActiveSupport::Duration from Rails Ruby 118 Updated Jan 3
github  IFTTT  pinboard-fixup-github-titles  Ruby 
yesterday by suhlig
Mastering ActiveRecord and Arel
Excellent guide to Arel & ActiveRecord. Wish it was not in presentation form, though.
ruby  rails  guide  presentation  slides  programming  development  database 
yesterday by Mr0grog

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