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In 2017, some exchanges – not Rubicon Project – began
running first-price auctions without telling their buyers. This
is why we publicly announced we would be testing first-
price and communicating the auction type to platforms in
each bid request. We gave our demand and supply partners
plenty of lead time and solicited feedback from them before
making changes.
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february 2018 by ronnussey
Mediatel: Newsline: Publisher co-operatives: fighting the giants of digital
Cut up & re-edited version of an article/report I wrote on the growth of publisher co-operatives worldwide.
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december 2015 by ronnussey
Reaching Critical Mass With Publisher Co-operatives |
The motives behind the publisher co-operative model, and some notable examples of successes so far in France, Denmark and the Czech Republic.
rubiconproject  coverage  scrapbook 
november 2015 by ronnussey
Digital Innovators' Summit: Pangea Alliance, ad trends and more - Rubicon Project’s Jay Stevens shares his thoughts
Yet where is programmatic likely to head in the future? Video? Native? Here Jay Stevens, GM International of ad tech company Rubicon Project, speaks to Digital Innovator Summit contributor Ashley Norris, offering his predictions, alongside an explanation of the Pangaea Alliance, which Rubicon have played a key role in developing.
scrapbook  rubiconproject  coverage 
november 2015 by ronnussey
Ahead of Black Friday 2015 UK, are you ready for a truly digital Christmas? | City A.M.
On RP's Customer Pulse Research & trends around UK ecommerce in the run up to Christmas.
rubiconproject  coverage  scrapbook 
october 2015 by ronnussey
Tech viewpoint on publisher co-operatives
Article in Campaign explaining the background to the growing trend around publisher co-operatives.
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october 2015 by ronnussey
The Rubicon Project (RUBI) Frank Addante on Q3 2015 Results - Earnings Call Transcript | Seeking Alpha
A case study I wrote was highlighted in the Q3 2015 RUBI earnings call: "Ziff Davis International is a leading digital publisher with well-known properties such as IGN and AskMen. Working with Rubicon Project's real-time bidding and orders technology for both mobile and desktop inventory, Ziff Davis International generated a 440% increase year-over-year in total revenue during July of 2015. And despite enjoying massive growth in automation and private marketplaces, Ziff Davis International reported, "no decline in direct sold conversations" since adopting our orders platform. That is a powerful statement supporting our longstanding view that automation makes direct sales efforts far more efficient without cannibalizing revenue."
rubiconproject  scrapbook 
october 2015 by ronnussey
Automation and the evolution of global sales | M&M Global
Does automation hold the answer to long-held questions around how publishers can monetise their increasingly global audiences?
scrapbook  rubiconproject  coverage 
october 2015 by ronnussey

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