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Cloud Storage for Offsite Backup
We give you an empty UNIX filesystem that you can access with any SSH tool
Our platform is built on ZFS which provides unparalleled data security and fault tolerance can scale to Petabyte size and Gigabit speeds

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6 days ago by ssorc
Cloud Storage for Offsite Backup
We give you an empty UNIX filesystem that you can access with any SSH tool.
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14 days ago by keimlink
Debian Linux Backup - Debian Backup Configuration Tutorials
Computers crash, disks become corrupt, data is lost, security is compromised. Today, computers are pretty reliable and it is rare to lose data but it can happen and usually when it is most inconvenient! Important work should always be backed up.

Here we are going see more backup basics, how to configure different backup Software in Debian and backup scripts
backup  unix  shell  cli  commandline  script  tool  reference  tutorial  howto  tar  rsync  dd 
22 days ago by dusko
Mbox Files - Can They Be "compacted"?
We have been using Maildir with courier-imap for decades, and haven’t had an issue with this. My security folder typically has 25,000+ messages for the last 7 days messages, and accessing either with IMAP or directly with mutt isn’t a problem.

I have written various scripts over the years to convert from various mail storage formats ranging from SCO’s horrible ctrl-a delimited through the U.W. IMAP, and ones that query other IMAP servers to convert their folder structures to local Maildir.

Maildir is generally very easy to handle with standard *nix command line tools. We have moved mail servers for some regional ISPs by rsync’ing with tens of thousands of email customers by rsync’ing from the old server to the new one to get the bulk of the mail across before cutting over to the new machine. Then we shut the old server down, change the DNS to point to the new one, and finally do a new rsync –delete to update the new machine. There’s a period where some deleted messages may reappear on the client’s email before the rsync is complete, but all new messages appear immediately.
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29 days ago by dusko

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