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Debugging Why Your Specs Have Slowed Down
Your test suite used to be lightning fast but now it's starting to feel a bit sluggish. Before adding CI parallelization, let's see if there's any clutter to remove.
rspec  tips  speed  refactoring 
4 days ago by DEfusion
mbj/mutant: Mutation testing for Ruby
Mutation testing for Ruby. Contribute to mbj/mutant development by creating an account on GitHub.
ruby  tdd  rspec  testing  mutation  mutant  rails  automation 
13 days ago by jschoolcraft
Testing your ActiveAdmin controllers with RSpec · activeadmin/activeadmin Wiki
The administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications. - activeadmin/activeadmin
rspec  activeadmin  rails 
14 days ago by mmachine
Headless Capybara Feature Specs with Chrome
We're experimenting with running feature specs using Chrome's new headless mode. How do we set it up, and how does it compare to Capybara-WebKit?
rspec  capybara  rails  testing 
4 weeks ago by mmachine

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