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april 2017 by Xmath
draft-irtf-rrg-recommendation-01 - Preliminary Recommendation for a Routing Architecture
"It is commonly recognized that the Internet routing and addressing
architecture is facing challenges in scalability, multi-homing, and
inter-domain traffic engineering. This document reports the Routing
Research Group's prelimnary findings from its efforts towards
developing a recommendation for a scalable routing architecture."
irtf  ietf  internet-draft  rrg  routing  network  core  locator  identifier 
march 2009 by curiousstranger
ZIB - Hefte
Heft 1, 2008: Respekt. Ein unterschätzter Faktor in den Internationalen Beziehungen
von: Reinhard Wolf
politics  zitat  diplomarbeit  rrg  respectresearchgroup 
june 2008 by valentinheyde
draft-narten-radir-problem-statement-02 - Routing and Addressing Problem Statement
There has been much discussion over the last years about the overall scalability of the Internet routing system. This document attempts to describe what the actual problem is and the various demands being placed on the routing system that have made findin
rrg  routing  radir  ietf  internet-draft  addressing  problem  statement 
april 2008 by curiousstranger
draft-irtf-routing-reqs-09 - Requirements for Inter-Domain Routing
This document may usefully serve as part of the recommended reading for anyone who works on routing architecture designs for the Internet in the future.
internet-draft  irtf  rrg  routing  network  engineering  architecture  inter-domain 
january 2008 by curiousstranger

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