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Keeping Out the Cold - blacktofade - Buzzfeed Unsolved (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
After a strange ghostly encounter, Ryan and Shane begin sharing visions via a telepathic bond. AKA: the In Your Eyes AU that no one asked for.
buzzfeed-unsolved-supernatural  shane/ryan  rps  au-with-magic  telepathy 
2 days ago by mklutz
Regarding Jensen
He looked at the other man and drew a complete blank. Where his name should be, there was nothing. No name. No birthday. He didn’t know where he was or what had brought him there. He couldn’t remember being shot, or why someone would want to shoot him. There was nothing. No parents. No siblings. No childhood memories. No adult memories either.
“I don’t remember anything.”
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  genre:angst  genre:hurt/comfort  assassin!Jensen  hurt!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  doctor!Jared  kink:violence  kink:manhandling  amnesia  Reversebang  1.000-5.000 
10 days ago by somersault1509
It Takes Three
Jensen is the owner of a bookstore, Jared and Jeff are his long suffering boyfriends. Juggling work and relationships is never easy, sometimes it takes the worst kind of wake-up call to realize what you’re in danger of losing.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen/Jeff  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:Jeff  character:Chad  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:angst  genre:schmoop  bookstore-owner!Jensen  hurt!Jensen  hospitalized!Jensen  low-self-esteem!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  tattoo-artist!Jared  rich!Jeff  kink:threesome  author:kiltsocks  Reversebang  10.000-20.000 
10 days ago by somersault1509
With You Next to Me - Chapter 1 - bwichimbap - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Jimin is a late-bloomer when it comes to presenting as an omega. Jungkook is a late-bloomer when it comes to dealing with his feelings. Together, they are kind of a Mess, but these things have a way of working out.
Jimin/Jungkook  BTS  AU  RPS 
11 days ago by VenusNikita
shout it from the mountains
Steven: Did you tell anybody we’re engaged?
Andrew: Yes, Steven, I have no self-control and I told the pretzel vendor we’re engaged.
Steven: Okay, no need to be sarcastic.
Andrew: No, seriously, I have no self-control and I told the pretzel vendor we’re engaged.
fic  rps  andrew/steven 
15 days ago by allieyy
 “I’ll pay. For whole night. How much you want? I pay.”

Sidney stares at him, his mouth gaping uselessly. After a few seconds, he finally manages to kickstart his brain again. “You want to pay me? To sleep with you? Geno, what the hell?”
fic  hockey  rps  sidney/geno 
15 days ago by allieyy
mine (hands on your body, i don't wanna waste no time) - gothguk - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Jimin has expectations for his first summer back home from university; Jeongguk somehow manages to single-handedly destroy them all.
Jimin/Jungkook  BTS  RPS 
17 days ago by VenusNikita
Arabian Nights
World-famous action-movie-star Dean Winchester is shooting his latest Washington Ford movie on location in Istanbul, Turkey.
The nation’s rising political tensions have Dean worried—well, they have his little brother (and New-York-based human rights lawyer) Sam worried, and if Sam is worried, Dean is worried.
Dean is also dealing with a recent break-up, an asshole co-star, and he’s internally debating the relative merits of coming out publicly too. Also? He doesn’t want to miss the birth of Sam and Jess’s first kid, due in a few weeks.
Still, whatever life throws at him, Dean’s confident he can take it in his stride; but a magic Genie lamp? With a real life, incredibly sexy, wish-offering Genie called Castiel?
Dean must’ve hit his head harder than he thought.
rps  au  pairing:Dean/Castiel  pairing:Sam/Jess  character:Castiel  character:Dean  character:Sam  character:Rufus  character:Gordon  character:Jess  character:OFCs  character:OMCs  genre:romance  genre:fantasy  genre:humor  actor!Dean  bottom!Dean  genie!Castiel  protective!Castiel  lawyer!Sam  kink:first-time  homophobia  Reversebang  10.000-20.000 
17 days ago by somersault1509
When Jensen Wakes
The previous night, Jensen had gone out with a group of friends just to relax after a long, endless work week, with Jared off doing press for his movie. He hadn’t expected this - hadn’t been looking for this at all. But now he had it.
rps  au  pairing:Misha/Jensen/OFC  character:Misha  character:Jensen  character:OFC  character:Jared  genre:PWP  bottom!Jensen  kink:threesome  kink:mirror  kink:first-time  kink:blowjob  kink:pegging  kink:comeplay  1.000-5.000 
17 days ago by somersault1509
Hard Rain; zubeneschamali
Jared is a photojournalist who's used to dangerous situations, but none of his assignments have ever been quite like this one in the beautiful mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Geologist Jensen Ackles is exactly Jared's type, but what are the odds that he shares Jared's proclivities? And then there's the volcano looming over them that could erupt at any minute…
rps  jared_jensen  genre:angst  genre:au  asshole!jensen  geologist!jensen  photographer!jared  au:natural_disaster  pining!jared  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  closeted!boys  author:zubeneschamali  challenge:reversebang  10-15k  ~ 
22 days ago by Itsokaydean
From the Land of the Midnight Sun
Jared’s life is pretty ordinary, if a bit lonely, until the day he slips down a snowy mountainside and falls into a cave. Or is it a tomb?
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  genre:angst  powers!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  powers!Jared  kink:first-time  apocalypse  Reversebang  5.000-10.000 
22 days ago by somersault1509
No lines trilogy
Two stories so far, part of the amazing underneath it all undercover cop/mob au verse
j2  fic  au  spn  rps 
23 days ago by sometimesalways
Wrong Delivery Gone Right
Written for the prompt: Jared's a delivery boy and while dropping off a package, he gets confused for the "new guy" on a porn shoot. He tries to explain the situation until he sees the guy he's supposed to fuck.
fic  au  j2  spn  rps 
23 days ago by sometimesalways
I Heard the First Wave of the Rising Tide
Jensen loves the ocean—and watching the hot guy who's almost always surfing during Jensen's morning stroll along the beach. He's happy to just admire the guy from afar, but Jared is determined to become a part of Jensen's life—starting with teaching him how to surf.
spn  rps  au  fic  j2 
23 days ago by sometimesalways
Run Towards a Brighter Tomorrow
Mob au verse

They're getting married in two weeks and Jared is busy with finals, so Jensen takes care of all the last minute wedding planning. Of course nothing seems to work out the way it should and on top of Jensen running his business, things get even more difficult when a rival mob boss tries messing with him. Despite the complications, there's one thing Jensen still knows for sure: he's going to marry Jared
rps  fic  j2  au  spn 
23 days ago by sometimesalways
On Screen; brutti_ma_buoni
For the prompt: [short version] When news of a Jensen Ackles sex tape broke, nobody was very much surprised, or really interested. The guy is a porn star from Dirty Boys Studios, who's done basically everything. However, when Jensen tries to block the release, people start talking. When the tape does leak, it shows Jensen having fluffy, romantic sex with Jared Padalecki, son of the CEO of Dirty Boys Studio. Chaos ensues.
rps  jared_jensen  pornstar!jensen  twink!jared  genre:schmoop  genre:pwp  outsider!pov  established!relationship  author:brutti_ma_buoni  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  challenge:kinkmeme  0-5k  ~ 
24 days ago by Itsokaydean

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werewolf!jared  werewolf!jensen  werewolves  winterlive  wip  woodenergy  wordcount:2.000-4.999  writer!jared  ~ 

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