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D&D 5e Random Character Generator (v9.7), D&D 5th Edition - ADnD Downloads
A very complete random character generator that creates a new character, up to level 20, only by pressing F9 on your keyboard. Characters come with name, race, class (including archetype), short background and personal traits, skills, spells, appearance, equipment, etc. The generated sheet contains lots of space to manually add anything you'd like.

The generator works best with Microsoft Excel. You can also use the Google Sheets version, for which we recommend Google Chrome. Please be patient when refreshing the online version (with F9), as it may take several seconds for your browser to make all the calculations.
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yesterday by fozbaca
Listo v1.03 - Quick Character Generator for 5th Edition D&D by Mike Risher
It almost goes without saying, but feel free to modify anything randomly generated. If you don't think your wizard wants an octopus familiar then change it to a raven or whatever. If you want to use feats then remove the ability score bonuses. Cross stuff out. Add stuff. No one will judge you.

Suggestions for improvement, comments, and bug reports are welcome. If you want to submit a bug report, please copy and paste the whole page with the problem and include it in your email.
5e  dnd  rpg  generator 
yesterday by fozbaca
Climate Change May Trigger an Economic Crisis. We Could Prevent It.
If governments don’t start acting now to address climate change, Schroders, one of the investment firms that signed the statement, believes the global economy could eventually lose $23 trillion per year. That means the world could be headed toward an economic catastrophe far worse than what it experienced in 2008.
climatechange  economics  softapocalypse  rpg 
2 days ago by josephaleo
The Dhole's House
Online toolkit for players and Keepers of the Call of Cthulhu® role-playing game.
CoC  tools  rpg  games  call-of-cthulhu 
2 days ago by brunns
America's Corn Fields Are Making the Weather Really Weird
By increasing yields, farmers have unintentionally created weather patterns that seem to be protecting their crops and helping them grow more corn. (Of course, burning fossil fuels to plant, cultivate, harvest, process, and ship farm products has been shown to be a major contributor to rising levels of greenhouse gases.)
corn  rpg  farming  climatechange  softapocalypse 
7 days ago by josephaleo
(shitmyplayerssay.com) Shit My Players Say
The wonderful wit, witticism, and weirdness of tabletop gamers.
Gaming  RPG 
7 days ago by brysmi

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