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How long does it take for today's violent wildfires to go out?
"With higher temperatures, the period which is hot and dry enough for fires to get started is getting much longer," Trouet said in an interview. "So we see fires all year round," she added, noting California's 2017 Thomas Fire, which burned in the winter.

In 2015, more than 10 million acres burned in the U.S., the highest number since reliable record-keeping began in 1983. Two years later, in 2017, another 10 million acres burned. In exceptionally parched California, the state recently broke two all-time fire records in just an eight-month span.

And in 2018, fire season isn't nearly over. Meaningful rains aren't expected in California for months. Swathes of forest, grass, and brush are just sitting there, parched by a series of record or near-record heat waves.
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11 hours ago by josephaleo
No Billionaires
Some ideas about how to make the world better require careful, nuanced thinking about how best to balance competing interests. Others don’t: Billionaires are bad. We should presumptively get rid of billionaires. All of them.
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20 hours ago by josephaleo
Critical Fumble
Superhero roleplaying game discussion board.
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yesterday by rcade
Designers are reinventing hurricane maps for an era of extreme weather
Uncertainty is a part of the weather forecasting business. Advancements in forecasting have allowed us to improve the accuracy of our models and reduce that uncertainty, which led forecasters to predict Sandy’s unusual path and intensification eight days ahead. Despite that progress, the forecasters still produce hard-to-interpret visualizations like the one seen here.
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yesterday by josephaleo
Catacombs beneath the Holy City | Dyson's Dodecahedron
The Holy City has a slight necropolis issue. For most of the history of the city, old mines and caverns beneath the hills of the city have been used as crypts and tombs. Some areas were expanded by churches specifically to inter the deceased, others just adapted as the small silver mines that helped found the city were worn out.
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2 days ago by fozbaca
I'll Have Yer Finest
Random inn/brewhouse generator with beers, top shelf liquors, and encounters.
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2 days ago by wesbaker
Welcome to Cörpathium
Related to In Corpathium, but this is for when entering a new borough, and is something of a reaction roll for the borough.
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2 days ago by wesbaker
Cuba embarks on a 100-year plan to protect itself from climate change
Other communities may not need to pull up stakes for decades. But Cuban social scientists are already fanning out to those ill-fated villages to educate people on climate change and win them over on the eventual need to move. That’s an easier sell in the wake of a major hurricane, Rodríguez Batista says. “Irma has helped us with public awareness,” he says. “People understand that climate change is happening now.”
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3 days ago by josephaleo
Secret Life of a Leftist Doomsday Prepper
When it comes to preparing for the end of civilization, gun-loving red-staters aren't the only ones taking matters into their own hands.
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3 days ago by josephaleo
Party like it's 999
House rules for carousing.
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3 days ago by wesbaker
Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet
Taken as a whole, the range of published evidence indicates that the net damage costs of climate change are likely to be significant and to increase over time.
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3 days ago by josephaleo

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