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Dynamic Immersion Method
Geno thinks in one language and speaks in another, and when Geno speaks in Russian, loose and fluid, it’s surprising, even if Sid has no idea what he's saying, particularly after they’ve both been drinking, Geno more so.
fic  rpf  hockey  pens  sid/geno  slash  firsttime  language  sharksdontsleep  sidneycrosby  evgenimalkin  2012  <010k 
12 days ago by wolfgrin
Yekaterinburg Standard Time - sevenfists - Men's Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
More and more games were cancelled. In late October, Sid called him and said, “I talked to Pat. You think Metallurg would want me?”

“I call you back,” Zhenya said, and got on the phone with Velichkin at once.
fic  rpf  hockey  crosby/malkin  sidneycrosby  evgenimalkin  author:sevenfists 
14 days ago by flakeofemerald
It's The Little Things - by bessyboo - Buzzfeed Unsolved
"Little Things You Do Together" from Company

It's the little things you do together,
Do together,
Do together,
That make perfect relationships.
The hobbies you pursue together,
Savings you accrue together,
Looks you misconstrue together,
That make marriage a joy.
vid  rpf 
15 days ago by runpunkrun
Somebody's Watching Me - by elipie - Buzzfeed Unsolved
Somebody's Watching Me - Beatfreakz

I'm just an average man with an average life
I work from nine to five, hey hell, I pay the price
All I want is to be left alone in my average home
But why do I always feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone, and

I always feel like somebody's watching me
And I have no privacy (oh oh oh)
I always feel like somebody's watching me
Tell me, is it just a dream
vid  rpf  <3 
15 days ago by runpunkrun
I Think We Got Love - by angelsaves - Buzzfeed Unsolved
"I Think We Got Love" from Zanna, Don't!

well it looks like love, and it sounds like love,
And it seems like love, and it feels like love;
And it walks like love, and it talks like love,
And it runs like love, and it skips like love;
And it hurts like love, disappoints like love,
Disappears like love, reappears like love.
And it shouts like love and it sings like love
vid  rpf  <3 
15 days ago by runpunkrun
only shooting stars
Mat learns two things when he arrives at the All Star Game.

The first is that everyone is there to get mind-blowingly drunk. The second is that everyone is there to hook up.
fic  rpf  hockey  sid/mat  slash  firsttime  ghosthunter  sidneycrosby  matbarzal  allstargame  2019  <005k 
16 days ago by wolfgrin
Yekaterinburg Standard Time
More and more games were cancelled. In late October, Sid called him and said, “I talked to Pat. You think Metallurg would want me?”

“I call you back,” Zhenya said, and got on the phone with Velichkin at once.
fic  rpf  hockey  slash  firsttime  lockout  russia  sevenfists  sidneycrosby  evgenimalkin  2019  <010k  sid/geno  pens 
22 days ago by wolfgrin
literalmetaphor, thewindupbird: Theory Number 7, chapter 2/? (Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane, Zombie Apocalypse AU, WIP)
He doesn’t apologize again. Can’t. Because there’s no way to say, hey, dude, I’m really sorry for intentionally exposing you to a zombie plague, but anyway, water under the bridge, right?
fic  buzzfeedunsolved  ryan/shane  rpf  au  zombies  h/c  angst  wip 
24 days ago by elise.grey
What Can Be Said of My Heart - Chapter 1 - downjune [Archive of Our Own]
He sat behind Evgeni in their English class even though Evgeni was taller and sometimes blocked Marc-Andre’s view of the board. Marc-Andre was a back-of-the-class kind of guy. He had a rep to maintain.

or Five Fights Zhenya Starts and One Marc-Andre Finishes
evgeni.malkin  marc-andre.fleury  marc-andre.fleury/evgeni.malkin  hockey.rpf  rpf  AU 
25 days ago by theladyscribe
longnationalnightmare, oops_ohdear: if everything happens that can't be done (Crooked Media RPF, Jon Favreau/Jon Lovett, Regency AU)
Marriage is not a matter that weighs heavily on Lord Jon Favreau’s mind—or at least, not his own marriage. But when his best friend begins courting, it becomes a question of some urgency.
fic  crookedmedia  jonfavreau/jonlovett  rpf  au  regency  pining  jealousy 
26 days ago by elise.grey
mardia: resolution (Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane)
Zack's forehead is wrinkled as he tries to work this out. "Okay, but--wait. You know you can just...not keep your New Year’s resolution, right?”

"No," Ryan says mournfully. "No, I'm gonna."

Zack lets out a half-disbelieving laugh. "What the--dude, *why*?"
fic  buzzfeedunsolved  ryan/shane  rpf  pining  sweet 
26 days ago by elise.grey
out of the blue
Jack keeps accidentally having sex with Connor McDavid.

Also, he may or may not be falling for some dude over Twitter that he's never even met.

(These two facts are in no way related.)
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  firsttime  au  youvegotmail  fusion  secretidentity  idday  connormcdavid  jackeichel  2017  <030k  nhldraft2015 
26 days ago by wolfgrin
the more that i know you (the more i want to)
Connor would never have dreamed of it happening, when they were named to the same team.

He certainly doesn't expect it to continue.


(Or, Connor and Jack hook up at the World Cup. What comes next is... well. New.)
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  firsttime  idday  connormcdavid  jackeichel  comingout  2017  <030k  nhldraft2015 
26 days ago by wolfgrin
to make a destination
Magic isn’t real. Having psychic visions of a future full of Connor McDavid is the kind of thing Jack can only describe as bad luck.
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  magicalrealism  dreams  ohtempora  connormcdavid  jackeichel  2015  <050k  nhldraft2015 
26 days ago by wolfgrin
A Wish Your Heart Makes
Connor starts dreaming of Jack when he's fifteen years old.
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  firsttime  magicalrealism  dreams  hapakitsune  2015  <010k  nhldraft2015 
26 days ago by wolfgrin
show your hand
"I kissed McDavid and then we won a game," Jack blurts out. He flexes his hand nervously.

There's a suspicious silence on the other end of the phone line, but Noah is probably not laughing at him. Out loud.
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  firsttime  superstition  ohtempora  connormcdavid  jackeichel  2015  <005k  nhldraft2015 
4 weeks ago by wolfgrin
a place to lay your head
This would be easier if Connor had a tighter grasp on what he's hoping for. He's starting to think he doesn't really know.
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  roadtrip  addandsubtract  ohtempora  connormcdavid  jackeichel  2016  <100k  nhldraft2015 
4 weeks ago by wolfgrin

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