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Vulture: What the Rise of Black Pink and BTS Says About the Future of K-pop By Youngdae Kim and T.K. Park
It’s not likely that BTS could have successfully emulated the conventional localization strategy (they tried once, earlier in their careers, without much luck. Their Japanese-language album, Wake Up, faced anemic sales when it was released in 2014) [...] But BTS had something else going for them: authenticity and a narrative arc.

|| A nice succinct analysis.
Fandom:Kpop  fannish-resources  rpf-fandoms  resources:articles 
august 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: So Close (So Close and Yet So Far) by CheekyBrunette (Jin/J-Hope)
(10,100 words, teen). "In which Hoseok choreographs the dance for Seokjin's performance in the Mr. Seaside male beauty pageant." | Lowkey-shenanigans feelgood fic.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  jin-(kim-seokjin)  j-hope-(jung-hoseok)  jhope/jin  slash  words:10.000-19.000  rating:g-to-teen  au  cheekybrunette  rpf-fandoms 
july 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: Looking At You (Looking At Me) by pornographicpenguin (Jungkook/IU, Jungkook/Namjoon)
(4300 words, explicit) 'Jungkook whispers to himself, staring sadly at his own jizz, "Sorry, sunbaenim."' | This is sweet and good. Ships are one-sided and implied respectively.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  jeon-jungkook  rap-monster-(kim-namjoon)  iu-(lee-jieun)  words:2.000-4.900  rating:mature-to-explicit  canon-fic  pornographicpenguin  rpf-fandoms 
july 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: trio in b flat major by aprofessorstale (Namjoon/Jimin/Yoongi)
(37,000 words, mature) Yoongi and Namjoon are writing partners; Jimin is Namjoon's one-who-got-away and Yoongi's drinking buddy; Yoongi is maybe not super in touch with his own feelings. | I enjoyed this! A tonne of poly negotiation in that fitting-emotional-puzzle-pieces-together way.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  rap-monster-(kim-namjoon)  suga-(min-yoongi)  bts-park-jimin  suga/jimin/rapmon  slash  poly  au  words:20.000-49.000  rating:mature-to-explicit  aprofessorstale  rpf-fandoms 
july 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: the clearing by fitzgarbage (Namjoon/Hoseok)
(18,000 words, G) Namjoon and Hoseok find the clearing by accident the first time, as students; over the years, Namjoon goes back a lot. | fitzgarbage fics are so emotionally engrossing and propulsive, even a slow quiet one like this. (Warning for non-endgame namjin and jihope that never get emotional closure.)
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  rap-monster-(kim-namjoon)  j-hope-(jung-hoseok)  jhope/rapmon  slash  words:10.000-19.000  rating:g-to-teen  au  realworld-au  fitzgarbage  rpf-fandoms 
june 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: The Many 'The's Before The End by loindexter (Jimin/Suga)
(28,000 words, mature) In which Yoongi apologises, for what Jimin's not sure, and then his behaviour gets *really* confusing. | The title is a little clunky but this is the actual best yoonmin I've ever read, ohhhh my gosh. This *is* their dynamic, this is the point of the ship. It's also equal parts fun and heart-clenchy, and does emotional reveals just really well, god. Canon fic.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  bts-park-jimin  suga-(min-yoongi)  suga/jimin  slash  canon-fic  pining  words:20.000-49.000  rating:mature-to-explicit  loindexter  rpf-fandoms 
may 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: you're only brave in the moonlight by ameliabedelias (Jimin/V)
(15,000 words, explicit) In which getting naked is way less terrifying than feelings, or: Jimin is pretty sure the easiest way to tell his best friend he's in love with him is to lie his ass off. | I love this a bunch. It seems like it's going to be a fun superficial PWP and then whomps you in the good and kind way. A whole lot of really good character moments and also good pining, which - really rare to find in combination with the easy closeness of the vmin dynamic.
Fandom:Kpop  Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  bts-park-jimin  v-(kim-taehyung)  jimin/v  slash  au  university-au  pining  words:10.000-19.000  rating:mature-to-explicit  ameliabedelias  rpf-fandoms 
april 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: threshold by fatal (Jimin/Jungkook)
(7200 words, G) Adorable university AU with some pining and that kind of classic jikook dynamic - shy-but-cocky Jungkook and insecure-but-hyung-like Jimin. Despite the G-rating, has a very brief explicit-ish coda.
Fandom:Kpop  Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  bts-park-jimin  jeon-jungkook  jimin/jungkook  slash  words:5.000-9.900  rating:g-to-teen  fatal  rpf-fandoms 
april 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: with a bang (stunted plants can bloom) by fruitily (Suga/Jungkook)
(24,000 words, mature) "what not to do when you find yourself falling for the guy you almost slept with but then didn’t because he turned out to be your friends’ roommate: a guide by min yoongi" | Tragically lapslock but a delight anyway, I super enjoyed Jungkook in particular here.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  suga-(min-yoongi)  jeon-jungkook  suga/jungkook  slash  au  university-au  words:20.000-49.000  rating:mature-to-explicit  fruitily  rpf-fandoms  pining 
april 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: Do You Want Some? by HereIGoAgain (Suga/Jimin)
(19,000 words, explicit) Yoongi had noticed Jimin in Hoseok's dance videos before the night Hoseok introduced them at a bar. | Hot and adorable.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  au  suga-(min-yoongi)  bts-park-jimin  suga/jimin  slash  words:10.000-19.000  rating:mature-to-explicit  hereigoagain  rpf-fandoms 
april 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: Touch Starved by krispy_kream (Jimin/Jungkook)
(4600 words, teen) Jungkook watches as Jimin learns how to get the skinship he needs. | Kind of loosely put together, with some gaps, but very enjoyable heartclenchy fic with that early days dynamic.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  jeon-jungkook  bts-park-jimin  jimin/jungkook  slash  canon-fic  rating:g-to-teen  words:2.000-4.900  krispy_kream  rpf-fandoms 
april 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: RE: the weirdass memo you left on my casebook last night by Anon (Jungkook/Jin)
(3900 words, teen) In which law student Jungkook writes a legal memo for Jin outlining the case for dating him. | The payoff could have been better but this is so cute and smart and charming. I'm so sad it's orphaned and I can't read the author's other fics.
Fandom:Kpop  Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  jeon-jungkook  jin-(kim-seokjin)  jungkook/jin  slash  words:2.000-4.900  rating:g-to-teen  au  university-au  list-fic  rpf-fandoms 
march 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: The Usual by CheekyBrunette (V/Jimin)
(28,000 words, teen) A Gilmore Girls-style diner AU in which Taehyung's grandparents own a diner and Jimin is a regular customer. | Light and breezy with unexpected depths. It's an American AU of the type where there's not any attempt to write the characters as Korean American, but if you roll with that the setting and emotions are internally authentic feeling.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  v-(kim-taehyung)  bts-park-jimin  jimin/v  slash  au  coffee-shop-au  pining  rating:g-to-teen  words:20.000-49.000  cheekybrunette  rpf-fandoms 
february 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: i'd hold your hand and soak up the sun by monbon (J-Hope/V)
(6200 words, unrated but G or teen) A cute canon dormfic. Uses Taehyung's canonical habit of abruptly and earnestly complimenting his group members in a sweet way.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  j-hope-(jung-hoseok)  v-(kim-taehyung)  jhope/v  slash  words:5.000-9.900  rating:g-to-teen  rpf-fandoms  monbon  canon-fic 
february 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: don't let me think too much by brightlight (J-Hope/V)
(9900 words, teen) When makeup artist Hoseok first met rookie model Taehyung, he thought Taehyung would quickly lose his wide eyes and the heart on his sleeve. | A sweet straightforward romance, equal parts insecurities and honesty.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  j-hope-(jung-hoseok)  v-(kim-taehyung)  jhope/v  slash  words:5.000-9.900  rating:g-to-teen  au  brightlight  rpf-fandoms 
february 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: Simple Maths by popliar (Suga/J-Hope/Rapmon)
(6600 words, mature) By a scheduling miracle, Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi manage to get 2 weeks away from their respective jobs at the same time, and take a holiday together. | Ah I love this. Three-way wistful pining of the 'the other two are closer' kind, and just a lovely rapline dynamic.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  rap-monster-(kim-namjoon)  j-hope-(jung-hoseok)  suga-(min-yoongi)  suga/jhope/rapmon  slash  au  realworld-au  popliar  words:5.000-9.900  rating:mature-to-explicit  rpf-fandoms  pining  poly 
february 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: in the midnight hour by marienadine (Suga/Jungkook)
(1400 words, teen) Yoongi wakes to Jungkook, who's supposed to be across town in his own apartment, crawling into Yoongi's bed at 4am. | Sweet tactile hurt/comfort. Or like, anxiety/comfort. Also established relationship level-up.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  suga-(min-yoongi)  jeon-jungkook  suga/jungkook  slash  au  words:500-1.900  rating:g-to-teen  cuddling  hurt/comfort  realworld-au  university-au  marienadine  rpf-fandoms 
february 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: friday nights (with you) by kstorms (Jimin/Jungkook)
(21,000 words, mature) In which Jimin's friend group gains another three members, but one of their new friends seems a bit too cool to care much for Jimin. | Delightful tropey pining with shy tsundere Jungkook and confident/insecure Jimin.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  bts-park-jimin  jeon-jungkook  jimin/jungkook  slash  words:20.000-49.000  rating:mature-to-explicit  pining  au  realworld-au  kstorms  rpf-fandoms 
february 2018 by cestwhat
BTS: love me lights out by marienadine (Jungkook/Suga)
(11,000 words, mature) In which Jungkook ends up at the same party as the TA he's been crushing on, and drinking games lead to gay chicken. | Sweet low-stakes pining, very enjoyable.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  jeon-jungkook  suga-(min-yoongi)  suga/jungkook  slash  au  university-au  words:10.000-19.000  rating:mature-to-explicit  marienadine  rpf-fandoms  pining 
january 2018 by cestwhat

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