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Courtiers and Royal Family Think Duchess of Cambridge is Increasingly Over Involved in Prince Harry’s Life! | Royal Gossip Psychotic
“Kate is making the mistake of believing that just because she has the title, that she automatically has authority over various members of the royal family by right of her marriage and has caused some hotheaded arguments between the royals. The royal family doesn’t directly attack Kate overtly, but she is resented because she is seen as forgetting her place in the pecking order. Despite her future as Queen consort, the born members of the royal family remind her in little ways that they aren’t going to defer to her in any area,” states one insider who works at the palace. Yet, she seems determined to carry on her agenda to interject her influence into Harry’s personal life choices while determinedly dominating his attention during engagements at the expense of supporting her husband.

     Her determination to interfere in Harry’s life has caused more personal chaos the royals have been trying to avoid and her neglect of her duty to make appearances have created a reputation of frivolousness for the duchess that the courtiers are trying to fix. “Kate’s inability to focus on her own work while obsessing over Harry has been causing unprecedented tension in royal family dynamics,” informs an insider. “Kate’s lack of work is triggering a public backlash with the nickname Duchess Doolittle making frequent appearances in the comments section of the newspapers and her lack of charitable involvement has caused debate among her charities about discreetly dropping her as patron.” To be dropped by her charities would be a huge blow to her fragile reputation as a working member of the royal family.

      After an unhappily tumultuous Jubilee year (a disappointing Jubilee and the nude scandal) the RF has been trying to reconnect as a family and avoid scandal, but Kate has been seen among the royal circle and public as ignoring the painful lessons that 2012 should have taught her, to know when to respect royal boundaries and carry on in the professional sphere of royal public life.
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Cele|bitchy | Us Weekly: The affair speculation ‘didn’t go down well’ with Duchess Kate
Kate never worked hard before the marriage. She tried to blame the Palace and they issued a rare denial saying they had nothing to do with her laziness.

Maria says:
June 12, 2019 at 4:08 pm
Tina- William is not stopping Kate from working.

RM – if I had a newborn (Prince George) and took him on his first vacation and my husband decided to go on a hunting trip with his ex (Jecca Craig) instead, I wouldn’t feel like our bond was very strong. William also skipped family Easter 2016 to attend said ex’s wedding, without Kate. add to that the lack of concern he has over her (walking in front of her, not waiting for her to catch up, not always but frequently), the turnip toff scandal, the things we know he’s said to her and about her – I think it is unequal.
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4 days ago by timberwolfoz
Prince William Kate Middleton Past Breakup | StyleCaster
Though the interview was a bit harsh —Duchess Kate Middleton was OK with keeping their romance quiet. However, what she didn’t expect was to be ignored entirely by the prince at his birthday party in favor of another woman. In her book Kate: The Future Queen –royal expert and biographer Katie Nicholl explain that the Duke of Cambridge spent all his time with Jecca Craig –his old friend and rumored ex who had flown in from Kenya for the party. Nicholl explained, “Kate didn’t know whether they had been romantically involved or not, but she noted that Jecca had been seated at the head table next to William, whereas Kate had to raise her glass to toast the prince from afar.”

The prince’s birthday party was the first time the duchess began having doubts about their relationship. She also noticed that an American heiress named Anna Sloan started hanging around the prince and his friends.  In her book, William and Harry, Katie Nicholl wrote, “Kate was beginning to question William’s commitment to their relationship, and she also had her own creeping doubts about their future after St Andrews. A number of things had caused her to question William’s commitment, although she had not raised them with him yet.” In the end, the royal duo would split briefly in 2004, but it wouldn’t be the last time.
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6 days ago by timberwolfoz
Cele|bitchy | Seriously, why is Prince George going to commute an hour every day for school?
Lindsey says:
September 5, 2017 at 8:58 am
I still like the theory that at this school Kate doesn’t have to face the aristocracy that has rejected her and treated her badly when she was Waity Katey. Now their kids don’t get to be friends with hers and she’ll be Queen (Duchess) Bee at this school, not Kate Middleton. She still doesn’t seem to fit in to those circles. Also this pairs well with their “normal” people fantasy.

Alexandria says:
September 5, 2017 at 8:59 pm
I have the same theory. She won’t fit in with the other aristocrat parents. I rolled my eyes over the young professional parents reasoning. These two are not professionals. George’s commute and traffic issues are just secondary, to them. George will be fine, don’t worry about him. Londoners? Meh. That’s their attitude.
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8 days ago by timberwolfoz
Cele|bitchy | Tatler wonders why Rose Hanbury & the Cambridges were kept apart at the banquet
Wanted to add: I have friends in Norfolk, England that have told me that Rose & David are highly respected in their Norfolk community and not just for raising money for charity. They are more than willing to roll up their designer sleeves and actually do real and productive work if and when needed. Sorta like in the USA actually volunteering 10-15 hours a month (or year) to work for Habitat for Humanity or as Harry has done in Africa. Not a perfect example of what my friends told me about the work of the “Chumley’s but the closet analogy I could come up with.
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Cele|bitchy | Prince Harry took Meghan Markle to the palace for tea with the Queen
“His sons were terrified of him though.”

That’s putting it very, very politely. There is a well-known story that, during his actual funeral, David (king Edward) said something to the effect of “thank God the old bastard finally died”; to which Bertie (king George) stuttered something to the effect of: “God forgive me, but I feel the same way.”
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10 days ago by timberwolfoz
Cele|bitchy | Tatler wonders why Rose Hanbury & the Cambridges were kept apart at the banquet
“Perhaps no longer so?” LOL. If William wanted to flatly deny the affair, he could have. If Rose wanted to flatly deny the affair, she could have. What William did instead was run to Richard Kay and throw his sister-in-law under the bus and throw a massive tantrum about how Kate is an angel on earth who will be queen and has never put a foot wrong. William did it to himself, is what I’m saying. I’m also saying that William and Kate were likely VERY displeased that Rose was there, but again, that was the whole point of the “rural rival” story. I still believe it likely originated with Rose telling Kate, “Silly little middle-class girl, you can’t phase me out, I’m part of this society whether you like it or not.” If you read the whole series of gossip events as Rose asserting her social power, it totally makes sense. And I think that Rose’s appearance at the banquet reinforces that too, sending the message that “real aristocrats socialize with their mistresses and mistresses’ husbands and it’s all fine.”
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11 days ago by timberwolfoz
William, Harry and Kate Deny Trump What He Wanted Most: a Photo Op
Prince Harry and his brother Prince William have successfully denied Donald Trump the opportunity of appearing in a photo with either of them or their glamorous and popular wives during his state visit to the U.K., which would have been invaluable PR for his 2020 re-election campaign, after the president used the word “nasty” while discussing Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle.
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11 days ago by timberwolfoz
Is Kate Middleton Used to Prince William's Rumored Affairs and Other Gossip?
More rumors are going around saying William has had numerous affairs beyond the one reportedly with Rose Hanbury. Keep in mind these affair stories are strictly coming from the British paparazzi and not from the royal family. The latter continues to adamantly deny anything happened. However, William has casually mentioned there isn’t any truth to anything, including the story of Kate shunning Rose out of their lives.
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14 days ago by timberwolfoz
Cele|bitchy | The Cambridges & Sussexes are splitting up their Royal Foundation
The weird leak to the DFail weekend editions about Kate’s Broken Britain idea, three days before Meghan’s cookbook dropped. Trying to get some traction for Kate in the face of the huge project Meghan had that was going to make Kate look bad.

Leaks that Harry and Meghan would be getting a separate office, but oh no, it would be under KP and be a long time coming. No, it was moved under BP and moved immediately with both HM and Charles putting in money from their budgets to make it happen. KP/William trying to put out one narrative, facts and actions went ahead and overrode him.

This time? Sounds like the KP team trying to claim credit for the decision, pushing the idea W&K are the ones wanting the change right away. More likely Harry and Meghan want the change, want the money they’re bringing in to be under their control. Meghan’s cookbook earning
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16 days ago by timberwolfoz
Cele|bitchy | The Cambridges are taking another week off from public duties
For sure he’s not. The Toffs are not like regular neighbours who like hanging out together for BBQs and kiddie parties. They’re extremely hoity-toity and live a very private and cloistered existence. They all boast prestige, lineage, titles and massive amounts of money that exceed what Bill and Cathy have, especially as Cathy is considered a social-climbing parvenu whose family is common as horse turds. Rumour has it that David and Rose are the leaders of the group and you’re supposed to follow group rules and keep your pie-hole shut no matter what shenanigans are taking place. Bill, by virtue of his entitled arrogance, and Cathy broke that rule and have probably been ostracized.
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18 days ago by timberwolfoz
Cele|bitchy | The Cambridges & Sussexes competing for attention will ‘be the problem moving forward’
My friend who works in London in PR ,said the word competition is code for Harry and Meghan are getting requested more than Kate and William.

Thats the issue, but the press won’t come out and just say it.
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24 days ago by timberwolfoz
Cele|bitchy | Duchess Kate in pink McQueen at a palace garden party: pretty or strange?
Wills is unhappy with his life and role and wishes he had the freedom of Harry. I think he felt forced to marry when he did, just like his father, and feels trapped. As much as it pains me to say it (because it’s not her fault) he is bored by his wife and finds her annoying. He takes his feelings of being trapped in his life out on her. The Firm sees this and is focusing on Kate a lot these days to prop her up because they’re worried about Wills bolting for good and escaping it all, and they’re trying to make it harder for him to do so. He is so selfish, he may anyway. Harry and Meghan, on the other hand, are truly in love. Big difference between the two couples. I simply don’t see Harry getting bored. He has too much respect for Meghan. I don’t think Wills ever had much for Kate.
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25 days ago by timberwolfoz
Meghan Markle's First Year in the Royal Family, a Recap
While they have made it clear they will continue to fiercely guard what they regard as personal, Meghan and Harry have demonstrated that when it comes to their work lives they will give generously. Indeed, the duchess’s admirable work ethic has been one of the defining themes of her first 12 months of royal life.

Together: Our Community Cookbook
The cookbook she spearheaded production of for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, Together: Our Community Cookbook, published just four months after her wedding, underlines Meghan’s keenness to use her profile to affect real change. Her passion for charity work was there long before she met the prince, but the scale of her new role requires a different approach. And for Meghan, used to having her own autonomous voice on social media and on her blog, not to mention a career of her own, there can be no doubt that the last 12 months have required much adjustment.

The couple set the blueprint for their future working lives with a slew of changes that saw them break away from the Cambridges to create an office in Buckingham Palace and their own Instagram account @SussexRoyal.

Crucially, however, their staff operate under the umbrella of the Queen’s office at Buckingham Palace, underlining the fact that decisions must also be made with the institution of the monarchy in mind. It is a balancing act the Sussexes are still navigating—finding their own identity within the structure of royal life and finding a way to have a normal family life against the backdrop of an extraordinary family.
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Courts, Crowns, and A Little Game of Chess - waywardwriter - Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat [Archive of Our Own]
In an attempt to diffuse the rising tensions between Akielos and Vere, Prince Auguste invites a group of Akielon ambassadors to the Veretian court. He expects many things to come out of this visit: trade agreements, festivities and celebrations, and perhaps the emergence of better diplomatic relations between the two nations. What he did not expect, however, was for his younger brother to take an interest in the Crowned Prince of Akielos.

AKA: The fic where Laurent is a reserved, bo...
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29 days ago by pinkosicko
Cele|bitchy | The Marquess & Marchioness of Cholmondeley have nothing to hide, okay?
Kate Middleton doesn’t have female friends. She was busy doing social climbing and didn’t need a prettier or more interesting friend to distract Willy’s attention.
My tin foil hat theory is that the gossip was floating around for a long time—Sophie Money-Coutts, among others, implied it on twitter and then quickly deleted the tweets. It leaked when Kate & Will tried to ostracize slash force out Rose & David from their usual social circle. Rose & David, in turn, basically decided to go full f*ck them once they realized the gossip was out there by letting it flourish/capitalize on it instead of trying to shut it down. My guess is they were furious that the Cambridges tried to force them out of Norfolk society since the Cholmondeleys have been part of the Turnip Toffs longer than Wills and Kate. I suspect the Turnip Toffs also backed the Cholmondeleys, since they’ve been part of set longer, and thought that the Cambridges were the ones who needed to suck it up/avoid events with the Cholmondeleys or pretend nothing ever happened.

I feel bad for Kate, but I also have some sympathy for Rose & David IF my tin foil theory is true (it does match a bit with the rumors). Why should they be socially exiled because Will couldn’t keep his dick in his pants? And Wills made a huge mistake swinging around his lawyer with the threats of lawsuits, etc. because the story was so vague it would have gone away—but the palace overreaction emboldened journalists to come out about it on twitter. And it certainly looked terrible because it illustrated the firm was capable of shutting up the tabloids—same as they have with the rumors of Andrew’s many exploits—but have done little to quell the hatred against Meghan.

Kate gets “punished” because she broke the social rules of her social set. You don’t break the social rules of your social set without getting punished. She has got middle class morals aka no cheating. But she moves in an aristo set where upper class morals are applied aka be discreet about your cheating.
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