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Custom routers · React Navigation
You can make your own router by building an object with the following functions:
react-native  route  router  navigation 
23 hours ago by alabra
A Simple React Router v4 Tutorial – Paul Sherman – Medium
React Router v4 is a pure React rewrite of the popular React package. Previous versions of React Router used configuration disguised as pseudo-components and could be difficult to understand. With…
routing  router  reactjs  React 
yesterday by phed
Overland Communications: Internet Connectivity in Non-Permissive Environments
Looking to stay connected to the Internet on your overland travels? This article breaks down some of the best equipment you can use.
wireless  overland  internetservice  antenna  router  wifi  cellular  mimo  mifi 
5 days ago by egwillim
Finally, a geek travel router I love! | Justin's IT Blog
My ideal travel router
I’ve been kicking around the idea of building a small travel router out of a Raspberry Pi or an Asus Tinkerboard for a while. My ideal product would be something that can connect to an upstream ISP via wired or wifi connectivity, while also having the horsepower to host a few web pages like a NextCloud site, or a Pastebin type page. Oh, and it has to be fairly easy to use.

The problem with using a Pi or a Tinkerboard is that no matter how many projects I’ve looked through, none of them offer “easy setup” and the ability to switch from WiFi to Ethernet easily (without running a script to update NAT). So I went hunting for a commercial, yet geeky, solution.

Use cases
You might be thinking why use a travel router?

Well In some places (hotel room, company conference room, the van loaded with kids), WiFi sucks or is non-existent. Unfortunately, I frequent enough of those locations that I thought this was a worthwhile investment at $45 bucks.

I wanted the ability to find an RJ-45 wall jack and turn that into a WiFi hotspot for my devices; also the ability to share media files with anyone on the hotspot.

GL.iNet GL-AR750 Travel AC Router
So after some searching, I found the GL-AR750 and it seemed to have everything I really wanted built in. It also runs OpenWrt / LEDE which are open source projects so geek factor/hackability is still high!
router  travel  OpenVPN  OpenWrt 
9 days ago by coffeebucket
How to setup VPN on a mini travel router - Dirty Optics
In this scenario we want to use a mini travel router to act as a VPN client so that when we connect any device to it we know the data will be safe and traverse via a VPN. This kind of setup has a few benefits. The first being the fact that we only need to load one VPN config onto the router and any device that connects to it will use the VPN. This saves us time in setting up our phone, PC or tablet with the VPN config. We can assume that when connected to the travel router we are using the VPN.

The second is portability and travel. Using the travel router in a hotel or a restaurant means that our data is safe and secure. (Assuming you connect to the local wifi with the travel router in bridge mode.)

For this demo we have decided to use the GL-AR300M Mini smart router. This router acts as an OpenVPN client which is what sets these small devices apart from any others. Not all travel routers have this functionality.
travel  router  OpenVPN 
9 days ago by coffeebucket
Controlling GPIO with your travel router - Dirty Optics
The GL-inet range of travel routers are sold with the understanding that we can use them as more than just a router. The idea of being able to interconnect them with everyday items is very appealing. They call this the ‘internet of things’. So the curiosity got the better of me and decided to see if we could do the most basic of tasks. Switch a relay module!

Sounds simple, and sure enough, once we did a bit of research, it was. Keep reading to find out the basics of setting up your GL router to trigger a relay module using the built-in GPIO pins. If the config stuff is a bit boring for you, skip directly to the working video below!
router  travel  OpenVPN  3G  4G  GPIO 
9 days ago by coffeebucket
REVIEW: GL-MiFi 4G Smart Travel Router - Dirty Optics
If like me, you travel a lot, then having a solid travel router that allows me to work on the move securely and with anonymity is a necessity. The GL-MiFi router has proven to be a solid and reliable unit that has some perks that other travel routers cannot match. This review will cover some of the pros and cons. However, saying that, the Pros far outweigh the cons!

The GL-MiFi is powered by an Atheros AR9331 processor, is small, lightweight and contains a slot for various PCIe 3G or 4G modules. Combine that with 150Mbps Wi-Fi and you have yourself a very powerful little device. The GL-Mifi runs an embedded OpenWrt system, is extremely extendable via hardware and software. It can be used in mobile applications, industrial, commercial or at home.
router  travel  OpenVPN  3G  4G 
9 days ago by coffeebucket

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