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Rookie » Call It In
How to critique offensive behavior or speech without totally losing it.
rookiemag  race  racism  allies  growth  learning  speakingout 
january 2015 by wintergirl
Rookie » Elephants Can Forget
Being “thick-skinned” doesn’t mean bottling things up.
rookiemag  race  sexism  identity  speakingout  family 
january 2015 by wintergirl
Rookie » Free to Disagree
You’re not in a fight. You’re talking to someone about something you care about!
rookiemag  politics  identity  conflict  worldview 
december 2014 by wintergirl
Rookie » Outsiders
Books about what it’s like to be set apart.
rookiemag  books  theother  society  women  poc  fantasy  politics  gender 
october 2014 by wintergirl
Rookie » DIY Felt Badges
These are the baby animals of jewelry: fuzzy, cute, and joy-inducing.
rookiemag  diy 
september 2014 by wintergirl
Rookie » Heart Labor
The emotional work of getting over trauma.
rookiemag  abuse  violence  therapy  change  women  trauma 
september 2014 by wintergirl

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