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3 Signs You Need Roof Replacement
Eventually, your roof will start to show signs of wear and tear. When you find these issues, the time has come to start planning a roof replacement.
roof  roofs  roof-replacement 
september 2018 by Adventure_Web
Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Make Roof Repairs
What are some big reasons you shouldn’t wait to make roof repairs?
roofing  roofs  roof-repairs 
september 2017 by Adventure_Web
mflux/comp-geo: 2D Computational Geometry for Javascript
2D Computational Geometry for Javascript

Uses primitives with a configurable thickness for giving reasonable results even for inaccurate inputs.
straight_skeleton  vizicities  demo  webgl  buildings  javascript  geometry  3d  roofs 
april 2017 by robhawkes
Transbay Transit Center rooftop turning into 5.4-acre City Park - San Francisco Chronicle
"Tree by tree, San Francisco’s next significant public open space, a 5.4-acre green rooftop boxed in by towers of glass, is taking shape atop the transit center."
green-roofs  parks  roofs  blog-research  public-spaces  sustainability  urban-planning  sustainable-sites 
april 2017 by dilibrary

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