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Visualisation du trafic aérien de et vers
Bravo pour ce joli rendu !
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Pleminia (gens) - Wikipedia
What if your family was known for this. > The gens Pleminia was a minor plebeian family at ancient Rome. The only member of this gens mentioned in history is Quintus Pleminius, infamous for his outrageous conduct at Locri during the Second Punic War
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BBC - Travel - Has Rome declared an artichoke war?
carciofi alla giudia banned by rabbi, revolution ensues
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Roman women much more independent than previously thought
"When they married, Roman women usually became part of the husband's familia, which in a legal sense put them in the role of their husband's daughter and meant they were subordinate to them as long as he lived."
New prenuptial agreements
However, something remarkable started happening in the first century BC: more and more, marriages were held with new prenuptial agreements. These new agreements meant that the wife stayed part of her father's familia.
If her father were to pass away, she would become an independent head of the family, separate from her husband. The result was that a Roman woman would become head of the family, while her husband did not have any decision-making rights and did not own any property because his father was still alive. It was a reversal of the gender roles, with big consequences. Van Galen's research shows that women started claiming more and more space for themselves.

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