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Dans les , il me semble qu'on trouve souvent des plans et des cartes pour situer l'énigme, placer…
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october 2019 by ljegou
Achat maison 4 pièces 110 m², Romans-sur-Isère - 220 000 €
Romans, maison 110 m2. Romans, dans un quartier très calme mais proche du centre ville, maison de 110 m2 sur un joli terrain clos et arboré de 600 m2.
Sur un sous sol complet partiellement aménagé, elle se compose d'une cuisine intégrée de 10 m2, d'une pièce de vie très lumineuse de 31 m2 avec cheminée et balcon, de 2 chambres et 0d'une salle de bains.
Pour votre confort, la maison est équipée de volets roulants électriques et le portail et la porte de garage sont automatisés.
Le sous sol, dont une porte s'ouvre directemet sur le jardin, pourrait être utilisé partiellement ou en totalité pour doubler la surface de la maison.
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september 2019 by mjjones
Mary Beard - Whiteness
Professor Dame Mary Beard, Professor of Classics at Newnham College, University of Cambridge, delivers the Gifford Lecture "Whiteness". It is the second lecture in the series "The Ancient World and us: from fear and loathing to enlightenment and ethics".

This lecture moves from the colour of ancient statues to the skin colour of the Greeks and Romans themselves. Why have these issues proved so inflammatory in the study of antiquity? Who is committed to a white vision of the ancient world, and why? It argues not that antiquity was a world before racism, but that its very different ideas about colour (skin and otherwise) can destabilise our own.

This lecture series explores why the classical world still matters and what ethical dilemmas the study of classics raises (and has always raised). Taking six particular themes, it hopes to show how antiquity can continue to challenge the moral certainties of modernity.

"Who gets to see themselves reflected in the classical world?"
Steve Bannon talking about opening a gladiator school outside Rome; Mary Beard calls it right out of Seneca, this vision of the gladiator as the fighter for the right (14:50). No one owns the classics (15:12). What do we see when we close our eyes and we think of an ancient Greek or Roman? (16:30). Cambridge Latin Course invoked (, all white and, if male, all toga-clad. Since the Renaissance, seeing the ancient Romans as "just like us" (Botticelli's early Roman heroes, or Frederick Leighton, "Greek Girls Picking Up Pebbles" from 1871) (18:46). Creates a narrative of unbroken whiteness going back 2,000 years (20:00). When Shelley said we are all Greeks, the other side of the coin was, all Greeks are us. Even in Roman Britain (20:24), the people didn't look universally "white". The populations of urban or military Roman Britain would not have looked "white." (27:00). It's even more true of the rest of Britain. It's hard to say how diversity was experienced; a more interesting question than whether it existed (28:45). We have no evidence to begin to answer that question.
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august 2019 by dbourn
(1) Why did ancient Romans make large clay vessels that had a pointy bottom instead of a flat bottom that it can stand on? - Quora
When cargo was unloaded, it was unloaded onto a sandy beach. The pointy bottoms of the amphorae stuck into the sand, allowing them to stand up on the soft surface, where a flat bottom would be unstable and likely to end up with the vessel falling over.
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august 2019 by ebruchez
What would Plato make of Boris Johnson?
June 22nd 2019 | the Economist | by Bagehot.

Classics (Literae Humaniores) is a wide-ranging degree devoted to the study of the literature, history, philosophy, languages and archaeology of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. It is one of the most interdisciplinary of all degrees, and offers the opportunity to study these two foundational ancient civilisations and their reception in modern times. The degree also permits students to take extensive options in modern philosophy......

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Mr Johnson’s failure to get a first continues to annoy him intensely—and to delight many of his rivals. But in truth it doesn’t matter a jot: the world is full of failures who got firsts, and successes who missed out. The really interesting question is not whether Mr Johnson’s results reveal some great intellectual weakness. It is what light the subject of his studies can throw on his qualifications to be prime minister. The classics corpus is full of meditations on the qualities that make for a good leader. And no classical author thought more profoundly about the subject than Plato, the philosopher who was put at the heart of Oxford’s classics syllabus by Balliol’s greatest master, Benjamin Jowett. What would Plato have made of the classicist who appears destined to be Balliol’s fourth prime minister since 1900?.....In “The Republic”, Plato argued that the most important qualities in a statesman were truthfulness and expertise. A good statesman will “never willingly tolerate an untruth”. (“Is it possible to combine in the same character a love of wisdom and a love of falsehood?” one of Plato’s characters asks. “Quite impossible,” comes the reply.) He will spend his life studying everything that he needs to make him a good captain of the ship of state—“the seasons of the year, the sky, the stars, the winds and other professional subjects”. .......By contrast, Plato argued, the surest signs of a bad leader are narcissism and self-indulgence. The poor statesman is an eloquent flatterer, who relies on his ability to entertain the masses with speeches and comic turns, but doesn’t bother to develop a coherent view of the world. Plato was particularly vitriolic about the scions of the upper classes who are offered the opportunity to study philosophy while young but don’t apply themselves, because they think they are so talented that they needn’t earn their place at the top table.......“The Republic” is haunted by the fear that democracies eventually degenerate into tyrannies. Democracy is the most alluring form of government: “the diversity of its characters, like the different colours in a patterned dress, make it look very attractive.” But it is inherently unstable. Citizens are so consumed by pleasure-seeking that they beggar the economy; so hostile to authority that they ignore the advice of experts; and so committed to liberty that they lose any common purpose......As democracies collapse under the pressure of their contradictions, panicked citizens look for salvation in a demagogue. These are men who love power, but cannot control their own desires for “holidays and dinners and parties and girlfriends and so on”. Plato calls them the “most wretched of men because of the disorder raging within them”. Citizens are so consumed by fear that they think these wretches have magical abilities to solve the country’s problems and restore proper order. Demagogues get their start by “taking over a particularly obedient mob”, before seizing control of the country. But the more power they acquire the worse things become, “for the doctor removes the poison and leaves the healthy elements in the body, while the tyrant does the opposite.”

The shadow on the wall
Democracies have proved more durable than Plato imagined. And his cure for the problems of democracy—the rule of philosopher-kings, who are expected to hold their wives and children in common—is eccentric to put it mildly. But he is right that character matters. Politicians can change their advisers or their policies, but character is sticky. He is also right that democracies can suddenly give way to populist authoritarianism...... The best way to prepare for a Johnson premiership is to re-read “The Republic”, hoping Plato is wrong but preparing for the fact that he may be right
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july 2019 by jerryking
Appartement 4 pièces 86 m², 664 euros, nice
A LOUER Appartement T4 au 1er étage avec balcon, comprenant trois chambres, une cuisine, un salon-séjour, une salle de bains, un wc. Avec un garage et une place de parking privée, dans résidence sécurisée. CLASSE ENERGIE C. Disponible le 8 juillet. Loyer 664€ dont 59€ de provisions surcharges(OM, communs, contrat entretien chaudière, eau), régulation annuelle. Honoraires charge locataire : 120€ TTC dont 60€ TTC pour l'état des lieux. Dépôt de garantie : 605€. Contactez Audrey SORGUES IMMO DE FRANCE ROMANS Retrouvez toutes nos offres sur notre site ***
Référence annonce : 158RO19-2428725
Honoraires à la charge du locataire : 120 € TTC dont 60 € pour l'état des lieux
Dépôt de garantie : 590 €
Montant des charges : 59 € / mois
Modalité de récupération des charges locatives : provision avec régularisation annuelle
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june 2019 by mjjones
Maison 4 pièces 110 m², 230'000 euros
730m2 terrain, vérandah vitrée, 3 chambres

IAD France - Emmanuel VERRIER (07 69 10 60 80) vous propose : Mours - Limite Romans et proche voie de contournement de Romans.Maison de 110m2 e nviron disposant au RDC d'une Entrée, d' 1 Bureau (Chambre), d' 1 cuisine semi-ouverte débouchant sur sa buanderie avec WC, puis 1 salle à manger & 1 salon avec coin télé, le tout donnant sur une jolie véranda avec vue sur le jardin arboré. A l'étage vous découvrirez 3 chambres dont une spacieuse suite parentale, 2 salles d'eaux ainsi qu' 1 WC.Terrain de plus de 730 m2 environ avec 1 Garage.A voir très rapidement si vous êtes en recherche active sur le secteur !Appelez moi pour en parler et pour prendre RDV !
Honoraires d'agence à la charge du vendeur.Information d'affichage énergétique sur ce bien : DPE D indice 222 et GES E indice 52. La présente annonce immobilière a été rédigée sous la responsabilité éditoriale de M. Emmanuel VERRIER (ID 21973), Agent Commercial mandataire en immobilier immatriculé au Registre Spécial des Agents Commerciaux (RSAC) du Tribunal de Commerce de ROMANS sous le numéro 825347206.
Référence annonce : 632347
Romans  2Buy  House  3Beds 
june 2019 by mjjones

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