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Roman Money
According to the price of gold, the sesterce today would be worth $3.25, by the price of silver, the sesterce today would be worth $2.00, according to general labor rates, 1 sesterce = $0.50, while prostitute prices would set the PPP value of the sesterce at somewhere between about $15 and about $50. Various commodity prices would suggest a value of possibly $10.00. Differing methods produce a range in the modern value of the sesterce at somewhere between $0.50 and $50.00, seemingly rendering any conversion to modern prices problematic at best.
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[1809.08937] Networks and the Resilience and Fall of Empires: a Macro-Comparison of the Imperium Romanum and Imperial China
Authors: Johannes Preiser-Kapeller Abstract: This paper proposes to proceed from a rather metaphorical application of network terminology on polities and imperial formations of the past to an actual use of tools and concepts of network science. via Pocket
chinese  history  infrastructure  networks  paper  roman  routes 
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[HTML] Phillipsite and Al-tobermorite mineral cements produced through low-temperature water-rock reactions in Roman marine concrete MD…
architecture  building  lime  mortar  conservation  geology  minerals  roman  history  archaeology  marine  concrete  reference 
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Phillipsite and Al-tobermorite mineral cements produced through low-temperature water-rock reactions in Roman marine concrete | American Mineralogist | GeoScienceWorld
Abstract Pozzolanic reaction of volcanic ash with hydrated lime is thought to dominate the cementing fabric and durability of 2000-year-old Roman harbor…
architecture  building  lime  mortar  conservation  geology  minerals  roman  history  archaeology  marine  concrete  reference 
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Medium published its first full-length novel, and it's a Silicon Valley satire
Medium, the blogging platform developed by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, today published its first full-length novel, which you can read now for free.
The book in question is The Big Disruption by Jessica Powell, Google’s former head of PR. The novel is a satirical take on life in a major Silicon Valley company, if the description on its Medium page is anything to go by. It also has a kickass opening line: “The only animal left standing was a one-eyed sea lion named Fred.”
The book is exclusive to the platform, meaning you can read it for free if you’re either a Medium subscriber or haven’t met your limit of free articles for the month. In an interview with Recode‘s Kara Swisher, Powell said a friend sent Medium the manuscript:
Powell also said it was part of an effort by the site to produce more longreads content. It’s possible Medium could be a new outlet for aspiring novelists who have something to say about the tech industry. According to Fast Company, Powell will be donating the proceeds from the book deal to #YesWeCode.
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Somewhere up on - possibly right at - a homesick soldier bought a ring. “Can you j…
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Decorum is an unfashionable word but it has a radical core | Aeon Ideas
Cicero gives us the best sense of decorum’s richness. He did more than anyone in ancient Rome to develop the concept, and it sits at the heart of his ethical and rhetorical theory. Cicero defined decorum not as an inflexible code of conduct, but as the fit between an action and a moment, or between words and a rhetorical situation. To speak decorously is to say precisely what the moment demands.

Asking whether words have decorum is another way of asking what this circumstance and this audience call for.

Arguing over Trump’s decorum, or lack thereof, is about asking who counts – who is included in, and excluded from, ‘the sense of the community’ to which decorum appeals.
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