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Roman Citizenship - Wikipedia
The legal classes varied over time, however the following classes of legal status existed at various times within the Roman state:
Cives Romani
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Paul Valéry
French Symbolist poet and writer; his museum appears in Mary Beard's BBC2 program Rome - the Ends of Empire
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Mary Beard's Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit
How could a mediocre city in central Italy come to dominate such a huge area? What held the empire together and tore it apart? Mary Beard takes in the history and archaeology of the ancient world.
Tomb of the Scipios -
Lacus Curtius -
Servian Wall -
Pompey's Theatre -
Hadrian's Villa -
Mary  Beard  Historiography  Roma  Roman  History  Television  BBC 
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Oscar Wilde in Rome
In 1875, during his first summer vacation from Oxford, Oscar Wilde travelled to Italy. He was joined in Florence by his old professor of ancient history at Trinity College, Dublin, Rev John Pentland Mahaffy. They toured Florence, had supper in Bologna and took in the sights of Venice. The professor and his former student went on to Padua, saw Hamlet indifferently performed in Verona, and spotted the Princess Margherita, princess of Savoy-Genoa, at the opera in Milan, “very high-bred and pale”.
During his Oxford years, Wilde flirted with the idea of going over to Rome, the ‘Scarlet Woman’, but his father and Professor Mahaffy dissuaded him. He thought of undertaking a pilgrimage to Rome in the company of Oxford friends. But the project was abandoned in favour of going down to County Longford for a spot of fishing.

However, in late March 1877, Wilde set off, again in the company of his former professor. The professor and the undergraduate stopped at Genoa, Ravenna, Brindisi and Corfu. On the way back from Greece, Wilde paid his first visit to Rome, staying at the Hotel d’Angleterre. The young aesthete visited Keats’s grave, “the holiest place in Rome,” and was inspired to write a sonnet.
In 1884, already notorious, he considered honeymooning in Rome, but took his bride, Constance, to Normandy and Paris instead. It was not until the end of his life that Wilde spent any considerable time in Rome. Since his release from prison in 1897, he had been leading a peripatetic life in Normandy, Paris, Switzerland and Naples. In Naples he shared the Villa Giudice in Posilippo with his erstwhile lover, Bosie. Because of this cohabitation, Constance cut off Wilde’s only regular source of income, a stipend of £3 per week. Wilde and Bosie then parted ways, amid recriminations about money. By the time Wilde fetched up in Rome, in April 1900, Constance was dead, and he himself had six months to live.
Oscar  Wilde  Queer  Roma  Napoli  Italy  Literature 
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RT : Der Zentralrat Deutscher und wirft Sat.1 vor. Eine am Mittwoch ausgestrahlte "Pseudo-Dokume…
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RT : Am 2. August 1944 wurden über 4.000 und in Auschwitz ermordet. Insgesamt sind rund 500.000 Sinti und R…
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Parioli, Roma
Pariolino - Giovane dall’aspetto benestante e dal fare molto raffinato. Derivante dal nome di un quartiere ricco di Roma (Parioli)
Roma  Italiano 
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Quartiere Coppede a Roma
Il quartiere Coppedè è un complesso di edifici situato a Roma nel quartiere Trieste, nell'isolato compreso fra via Tagliamento, via Arno, via Ombrone, via Serchio e via Clitunno.
Roma  Italy  Italiano 
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Art, Food, and Other Gay Things
un diario fatto più di immagini che di parole
Bears  Roma  Italy  Italiano  Art  Arts  Food 
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Mediterranea. La spiaggia gay di Roma
Ci sono molti modi di arrivare al Mediterranea, ma di sabato e di domenica, ed a mezzogiorno, nè la metro nè la macchina sono opzioni molto comode. Ci vuole un motorino. La spiaggia è una delle tante a vocazione gay o gay-friendly del tratto di litorale compreso tra l’VIII ed il IX km della Ostia- Torvajanica.

In realtà è La Spiaggia per eccellenza, o il Buco, come viene affettuosamente chiamata dalla comunità GLBT l’oasi naturale di Capocotta, proprio di fronte alla riserva di Castelporziano, residenza estiva del nostro residente della Repubblica, che, a dire il vero non c’è mai perchè le preferisce Capri e Ischia.
Roma  Italiano  Queer 
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Roma gay. Se la conosci….
Uno dei motivi per cui non frequento più come prima la gay life romana è che forse ci sono dentro da troppo tempo e riesco ancora a fare dei paragoni. O forse sono io che sono invecchiato e vedo le cose in modo differente. Sono a Roma dal 1981 ed a quei tempi il locale di riferimento si chiamava Easy Going.
Roma  Italiano  Queer 
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Post-2020 EU Strategy: The Way Forward

's new report explains why the EU’s flagship Roma policy…
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