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After Vertigo - Crimson1 - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Leonard Snart is Powerless, not Enhanced like most people affected by Vertigo, and certainly not a full Super like the ones terrorizing his city. As an engineer, Len hopes to build things that can keep people safe from these would-be supervillains.

How he ends up blackmailing the one Super who hasn’t proven to be a murderer yet into being Central City’s hero is entirely his own fault, but the city needs someone to step up, and Len’s inventions can only do so much.

The fact that Barry “The Flash” Allen is more than just a Super with lightning speed, but also cocky, conniving, irreverent, gorgeous, and a thief—with several secrets—only complicates things. Even if Len is a forty-year-old virgin, who talks to his cat, reads smutty romance novels, and finds himself desperately attracted to Barry and longing to give into his advances more and more each day.

But his love life has to come second. First, they have to save the city.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Len  first.time  Crimson1  au  au:mirror  role.reversal 
october 2018 by southerly
don't want your shining eyes - haipollai - Captain America (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
He learns the year - 2014 - and he learns the where - outside of Washington DC right now, though they woke him in New York - and finally the who - SHIELD. Someone tries to explain that they're on his side, they're his old friends, the SSR.

It almost makes him laugh.
rating:pg-13  <3  fandom:mcu  fandom:captain-america  bucky/steve  role.reversal  author:haipollai 
may 2014 by prettyasadiagram
Pepper/Tony 007 role play Bond/Moneypenny
Pepper and Tony like to roleplay in bed...

...with Tony as Moneypenny.

(Crossdressing or not up left up to author, OP would love either.)
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  (het)  |tony.stark  |pepper.potts  *pepper/tony  crossdressing  roleplay  role.reversal 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Steve/Tony - Steve idolizes Tony and wishes he were more like him
So, a problem that I have with a lot of Stony fics is that Tony idolizes Steve and thinks of him as being "perfect" (albeit, perhaps slightly nagging and annoying) and Steve has to continually reassure him that he loves him just the way he is. I don't think I've ever seen a fic where Steve is the one who wants to be like Tony and idolizes him.
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  (slash)  |  |tony.stark  *steve/tony  role.reversal  infatuation  fangirling/boying 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Bruce Banner/Darcy Lewis, rescue trope turned on its head
Instead of the latest Big Bag kidnapping Darcy to get at Bruce, he or she kidnaps Bruce to get at Darcy. I don't care about how or why, but someone please make this happen.
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  |bruce.banner  |darcy.lewis  *bruce/darcy  (het)  kidnapping  rescue  role.reversal 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Gen; Members of team film gender reversed "Blurred Lines" video (misogyny discussion)
So if you're alive you've heard of the Robin Thicke controversy with his summer hit "Blurred Lines" being full of misogyny. Well the group Mob Carousel filmed a version with reversed gender roles. Regardless of your feelings on the subject you should check out this version while NOT at work...

http://www.buzzfeed. com/perpetua/heres-blurred-lines-with-the-genders-swapped

And, dearie the caucasian man with short hair gorgeously reminds me of Steve Rogers. So this needs to happen in my brain. As long as it has Steve and any other (or all) Avengers dancing confidently and dressed as … minimally as they are here. Add whoever you want from SHIELD too or Rhodey.

The female singers could be Hill, Pepper and Natasha.

Maybe Tony decides to make the video after hearing all the controversy, maybe it's for charity or hell just a cracky random Thursday. I don't care why or how.
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  (gen)  |(team)  |  role.reversal  feminism  singing  dancing  press/tabloids 
august 2013 by avengerkink
The Silence in Between
But now, years, and miles from where it all began, he has become just as afraid as she has always been. [From the comments: "UGHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO BUT IT'S FLAWLESS." Yup. The resolution is a little too neat, but the other 99.5% captures perfectly how good they are at communicating until they actually open their mouths.]
fic  btvs  spike/buffy  ats:post-nfa  angst  role.reversal 
december 2012 by mistakency
[Gen] Tony, Thor, AU: Tony is the Thunderer and Thor is Iron Man
Thor's banishment occurs earlier, and instead of Mjolnir arriving conveniently in the same area as Thor, Tony winds up finding it during the whole Afganistan gig. Considering that was pretty much his test-in-exile scenario, lets say the hammer finds him worthy.

So now Tony Stark has the power of Thor, and instead of the arc reactor his bond to Mjolnir is keeping him alive. When he returns to the states, he comes in contact with Thor, and while he can't simply return the weapon without dying (and maybe Thor still needs to prove himself anyway), Tony can create some badass "magic" armor for his new alien buddy.
$au  #filled  #prompt  (gen)  §round:012  |thor  |tony.stark  role.reversal 
october 2012 by avengerkink
Clint/Coulson; Coulson is an Alpha that likes to be dominated, role reversal, insecurities
In normal society, the Alpha is supposed to be the dominating half of the relationship. The Betas and Omegas are normally submissive to their Alphas.

Everyone knows that Coulson is an Alpha and that Clint is the Omega/Beta. What they don't know is that Coulson fantasizes about bottoming to his partners. He doesn't show it because it's not normal and he'd rather not broadcast it to the world. Coulson's also afraid of weirding out his lovers by being a submissive Alpha.

But Coulson feels that Clint is different and confesses to him. Instead of laughing or being disgusted with him, Clint finds it hot and agrees to it. Clint's fucking awesome and just wants to make Coulson feel safe. After all, Clint's not exactly your average Omega/Beta. He's got some massive need to control as well.

All in all, their relationship and dynamics work great.

BONUS if Clint reassures Coulson that he's going to take care of him and that he'd never hurt Coulson. Insecure!submissive!Coulson with...
#filled  #prompt  (slash)  §round:011  |clint.barton  |phil.coulson  *clint/coulson  role.reversal  a/b/o.verse 
october 2012 by avengerkink
Clint/Coulson. Clint is actually fairly well-adjusted. Coulson, on the other hand...
Somebody write me some Clint/Coulson goodness.

Except I want to see a Clint who's learned to deal with his shady past-- a Clint who isn't suffering from crippling self-esteem issues, or daddy issues, or self-loathing issues. I want a Clint who knows he's good at what he does, who's cocky and a smart-ass, who knows what he wants (Coulson) and figures he's got as good a shot as anyone because, hey, he's a pretty sexy motherfucker, and he's heard his ass is a thing of beauty, and it's not like the world will end if it doesn't work out, so. Why not give it a try?

And he's pretty disappointed when Coulson's not having any of it, sure. Like, more disappointed than he expected he'd be. Not enough to, like, shut down and hide away in the air ducts for weeks, but. You know. Mostly because he'd been pretty sure Coulson hadn't hated the idea (if the way he stares at Clint's biceps when he thinks no one's looking is any indication), but the way Coulson shut him down was pretty brutal, and now..
#filled  #prompt  (slash)  §round:011  |clint.barton  |phil.coulson  *clint/coulson  role.reversal 
september 2012 by avengerkink
GEN or Natasha/male(s), 5+1 Fairy Tale Types
Inspired by Revolutionary Girl Utena and its love of playing with fairy-tale metatypes, particularly that of the prince, the princess, and the witch.

Five times a male tried tried to fit Natasha into the traditional female roles of princess (the truly good damsel in distress who needs to be rescued) or witch (the villainous female who causes chaos and endangers others), pluse one time a male realized Natasha was really a prince (the noble hero who saves the day). Can be as gen or shippy as author wants (the OP is more than open to more than one Natasha/male ship).

+10 if someone initially puts Natasha in one category, but switches her to the other after getting to know her better.
+100 if at least two characters actually put her as a princess, but have legitimate reasons to back up that claim.
+1000 if Clint and Loki are included (as Clint/Natasha and Loki/Natasha are my two favorite Natasha ships).
#filled  #prompt  (gen)  (het)  §round:011  |natasha.romanov  *natasha/other  role.reversal  five.times 
august 2012 by avengerkink
Gen, Evil!Avengers, Good!Loki
The Evil Avengers are attacking and it's up to Loki, son of Laufey, to save the world.

+1 if you can come up with a name that isn't Evil Avengers
+2 if Evil!Thor tries to convince Loki to go over to his side
+3 if Loki is exactly the same but since he's a good guy, his mischief is over-looked.
#filled  #prompt  (gen)  $au  §round:007  |(team)  |loki  good!loki  evil(character)  role.reversal 
june 2012 by avengerkink
Steve/Tony, role reversal AU
In which Tony is a poor kid from Brooklyn, and Steve is of wealthy heritage. But Tony is still Iron Man, and Steve is still Captain America.
How do the reversed backgrounds alter their personalities and interaction with each other?
#unfilled  #prompt  (slash)  $au  §round:005  |  |tony.stark  *steve/tony  role.reversal 
june 2012 by avengerkink
[MERLIN] I save you by Zeldona
Merlin is Crown Prince of Camelot and Arthur is the young warlock, who doesn't know how to deal with his magic.
MerlinBBC  Merlin/Arthur  role.reversal  vid  2010 
december 2011 by frogspace
[MERLIN] Employee Benefits by ?
Merlin is the boss and Arthur is the assistant, secretary, or inferior.
Established relationship. Merlin fucking Arthur over his desk. Magical bondage, mild power play.
MerlinBBC  Merlin/Arthur  AU  modern  established.relationship  BDSM  sub!arthur  bondage  NC-17  kinkme_merlin  fic  2011  role.reversal 
november 2011 by frogspace
[MERLIN] Master And Prince by shadowglove88
Series: Master And... 3
It'd taken Mercia less than a year to decimate Camelot and its allies, and now Camelot is making a last ditch effort by offering a peace treaty to King Bayard. This brings Merlin to Camelot, to Arthur, where neither side are truly invested in peace. [Sequel to Master and Slave and Master and Lover]
MerlinBBC  Merlin/Arthur  slash  AU  alternate.reality  slavefic  role.reversal  fic  2011  canon.era  series:master.and 
may 2011 by frogspace
[MERLIN] vengeance built me hastily by thoracopagus
AU where Merlin is the prince and Arthur is the servant. Was thinking it could be set in a world where magic is revered and anyone who doesn't have it is looked down on. [3581]
MerlinBBC  Merlin/Arthur  slash  canon.era  alternate.reality  role.reversal  POV:arthur  fic  2009  w[04]:2.000-4.999 
february 2011 by frogspace
[MERLIN] The Sorcerer and the King by misswinterhill
Canon AU -- Merlin's death is only the beginning; with no-one to protect the kingdom, Camelot falls to an enemy sorcerer and Arthur is forced to serve in the court that he once ruled. When an escape attempt goes horribly wrong, Arthur is rescued by someone he never expected to see again -- and it's their destiny to put things right. [~85,000]
MerlinBBC  Merlin/Arthur  slash  epic  angst  role.reversal  firsttime  in.the.castle  POV:arthur  bigbang  fic  2010  w[09]:50.000-99.999 
october 2010 by frogspace

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