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Elections in Kurdish-held northern Syria postponed with no date set - Syria Direct, Jan 8, 2018
But Self-Administration authorities released an online statement on Thursday postponing the third round of elections, originally slated for January 19, citing “restricted” preparation time. It is unclear when the elections will now occur.
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22 days ago by elizrael
Women Are Free, and Armed, in Kurdish-Controlled Northern Syria - The New York Times, Feb 24, 2018
Kurdish leaders are aware of the discontent, but say the changes they are bringing are long overdue and are gaining acceptance, especially among younger Arab women.

“Most men don’t accept it, but we speak to women and try to make society understand why it is not good, for instance, to have more than one wife,” said Isam Abdul Qader, an Arab member of the Manbij Women’s Council, another organization that advocates women’s equality. It also sends teams of women door to door in neighborhoods and villages, where they ask to come in and explain to the women their new rights.

“Many men don’t let us in at first,” said Hana Sharif, a Kurdish council member. “We just go back two or three times. Little by little, it is working.”
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22 days ago by elizrael
Women Are Free, and Armed, in Kurdish-Controlled Northern Syria - The New York Times, Feb 24, 2018
Women were immediately given the right to divorce, previously a right reserved to men; to inherit property on an equal basis with men; and to keep their children and their homes in a marital breakup. Gone were long-observed Shariah law provisions that gave a woman’s testimony in court only half the weight of a man’s.
Still, the Women’s House in Manbij right away began aggressively counseling wives whose husbands married a second time that they could divorce, and walk away with the children, the house and half of any property. The result has been some 200 divorces in the past year, mostly in cases of polygamy and underage marriage, said Widat Hayat an Arab woman and a sociologist who heads the research department at the Women’s House. It is an unprecedented number.
Mar15  Rojava  female  localGovt  Arabs  women_rights 
4 weeks ago by elizrael
Internationalist Commune of Rojava
We are working hand in hand and step by step with the local structures to develop a better and direct way to support the revolution. By integrating ourselves into the local culture and society we aim to become a meaningful part of the revolution.
rojava  revolution  democratic  confederalism 
4 weeks ago by markhgn
ANF | Guerrilla Commander: Mission accomplished, Ezidis are organized
We have achieved the goals set for us at a high level. The YBŞ, YJŞ, the security units of the Asayişa Êzidxan and political and administrative structures have been organized and remain active on the basis of democratic autonomy. The Ezidis have become a force that, with their spirit and their will, can bring about the democratization of Iraq as a whole. It was this task that we took on and we fulfilled our mission.
rojava  ezidi  kurdi 
11 weeks ago by mlte
The Commune System: A Look at Local PYD Governance in Northeastern Syria - Atlantic Council, Mar 12, 2018
Local autonomy might seem like an easy sell to people who have survived a brutal, seven-year war. However, the hundreds of communes active since 2015 have failed to garner popular support because most have fulfilled only their administrative functions like distributing humanitarian aid, and relaying service requests to higher authorities, according to author interviews with two commune residents and two Kurdish journalists. The economic, security, and other committees, which might give communities real decision-making power, have sat idle while the PYD exercises control over municipal government.

“My area’s commune is mostly there for appearance’s sake...the only thing they did was distribute fuel for the winter, bread, and gas,” a Kurdish former teacher, who requested anonymity when discussing politics, told Syriasource from northern Raqqa province. “The real decisions belong to The People’s House [the area’s TEV-DEM office]—the People’s House will use the commune as a cover [for its decisions],” she said.
“The goal of these communes is to bind the citizen to a specific political orientation,” said a Syrian Kurdish political analyst based in Turkey, who, like other critics of the commune system interviewed for this story, requested anonymity. “In order to get bread, you need to adhere to this [PYD-led] administration’s policies.”
Communes’ security committees sometimes include PYD loyalists who act as the party’s “eyes in the neighborhoods,” according to the second journalist. They gather information such as: “Who lives in the neighborhood? Anything strange going on? Politically, who do people support?”
Mar15  localGovt  PYD  Rojava  aid  Intelligence_community  surveillance 
12 weeks ago by elizrael
’På en måde elsker jeg den her krig’ | Information
»På en måde elsker jeg den her krig. Vi får lov at slås for noget vi tror på,« siger hun og piller lidt genert ved en geværkugle i sin halskæde.
krig  feminisme  rojava 
12 weeks ago by mlte
Leaked Audio Recording: Turkey Plans False Flag Attacks to Create Pretext for “Humanitarian” War on Syria | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
“I’ll send four men from Syria, if that’s what it takes. I’ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey.
tyrkisk  militær  rojava 
february 2018 by mlte
Her body was mutilated, but with the spirit of the goddesses her YPJ sisters will avenge her - The Region
To this, the YPJ fighter has her own response: “This time, My sisters will make history. We will avenge our Goddess Tiamat and smash the legacy of Marduk.”

(Det skulle være enten Barin Kobani, som blev lemlæstet i Afrin, eller Amad Kandal, en talskvinde i YPJ)
feminisme  hedensk  neolitisk  rojava 
february 2018 by mlte
Utopia disrupted: Turkey’s assault on Kurdish-held Afrin | NI
Today, Afrin is part of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, which establishes a secular federal self-governance system with a commitment to radical democracy, ecology, and women’s liberation for the Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen, Syriacs-Chaldeans, Assyrians, Chechens and Armenians in the region. This is especially significant since Erdogan domestically upholds a doctrine of nationalist supremacy and uses the language of ethnic cleansing when distorting the demography of northern Syria and declaring to ‘return Afrin to its rightful owners’, thus echoing the Baath party’s racist policies that go back to the 1960s.

Just like Turkey used German tanks to destroy 5,000 Kurdish villages in the 1990s, to commit civilian massacres and displace entire populations and just like Saddam Hussein’s Iraq used chemicals provided by European states to commit genocide on the Kurds, today, it is German leopard tanks which are being used in a cross-border invasion in violation of international law.
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january 2018 by mlte

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