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Leaked Audio Recording: Turkey Plans False Flag Attacks to Create Pretext for “Humanitarian” War on Syria | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
“I’ll send four men from Syria, if that’s what it takes. I’ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey.
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4 weeks ago by mlte
Her body was mutilated, but with the spirit of the goddesses her YPJ sisters will avenge her - The Region
To this, the YPJ fighter has her own response: “This time, My sisters will make history. We will avenge our Goddess Tiamat and smash the legacy of Marduk.”
feminisme  mytisk  neolitisk  hedensk  rojava 
6 weeks ago by mlte
Utopia disrupted: Turkey’s assault on Kurdish-held Afrin | NI
Today, Afrin is part of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, which establishes a secular federal self-governance system with a commitment to radical democracy, ecology, and women’s liberation for the Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen, Syriacs-Chaldeans, Assyrians, Chechens and Armenians in the region. This is especially significant since Erdogan domestically upholds a doctrine of nationalist supremacy and uses the language of ethnic cleansing when distorting the demography of northern Syria and declaring to ‘return Afrin to its rightful owners’, thus echoing the Baath party’s racist policies that go back to the 1960s.

Just like Turkey used German tanks to destroy 5,000 Kurdish villages in the 1990s, to commit civilian massacres and displace entire populations and just like Saddam Hussein’s Iraq used chemicals provided by European states to commit genocide on the Kurds, today, it is German leopard tanks which are being used in a cross-border invasion in violation of international law.
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7 weeks ago by mlte
ROAR Magazine
Turkey begins offensive on Afrin, Rojava.
rojava  tyrkisk  kurdi  syrisk  krig 
7 weeks ago by mlte
ANF | Öcalan’s warning to Afrin to prepare weapons and stock ammunition
The Turkish state continues to go back and forth between Russia and the US to invade Afrin. Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan had seen that after the Kobanê victory, one of the Turkish state’s targets would be Afrin and said, “Today is not the day to build textile workshops, it is the day to build workshops for arms and ammunition, to create war communism and to root it in society,”
kommunisme  rojava  krig  tyrkisk  syrisk  kurdi 
7 weeks ago by mlte
Russia asks Kurds to hand Afrin to Syrian regime to stop Turkish attacks
A top Syrian Kurdish official on Sunday said Russian officials asked them to hand the country’s northwestern district of Afrin to the Syrian government to stop the Turkish attacks on the region.

Aldar Khalil, a member of the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM), an umbrella organization made up of six political parties and civil society institutions, including the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the leading Kurdish party in northern Syria, told reporters they will defend Afrin and will never hand it to the Syrian regime.
Mar15  Aleppo  Rojava  PYD  Russia  Turkey 
8 weeks ago by elizrael
The Kurdish School Curriculum in Syria: A Step Towards Self-Rule? - Syria Source, Dec 20, 2017
Some family members, who did not want their names to be revealed, mentioned that since the new year a number of officials in the parties which make up the government in north-eastern Syria had sent their children to private schools which teach using the Syrian government's curriculum. Khadija, a woman from al-Malikiya, confirmed this saying, “enrollment in the private schools are reserved for the children of officials, while ordinary people cannot find places in those schools for their children.”
Mahmoud al-Maadi, a former teacher and now independent Arab politician, thinks that the local north-eastern government's education policy has caused problems with the Syrian government, leading to the closure of hundreds of government schools. He also described the new schools opened by the Kurdish authorities as “unqualified,” saying, “the teaching staff are ill qualified, and rely on loyalty to the Kurdish authorities for their positions.”
Samira Hajj Ali also rejected the accusation that the Kurdish curriculum too closely represents the ideology of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, although she does not deny that her movement are adherents to the “democratic nation” philosophy drawn up by the Workers' Party's leader Abdullah Ocalan. She added: “The idea of the democratic nation means all elements of a society living together peacefully and guarantees everybody the right to study their language and their history.” A study by Ibrahim Khalil, published on the website 'Madarat Kurd' raised a number of points which indicate that the north-eastern curriculum closely follows the ideology of the Kurdistan Workers' Party.
education  indoctrination  Rojava  Mar15  PKK  PYD  Arabic  Kurdish 
11 weeks ago by elizrael
Northern Syria’s Anti-Islamic State Coalition Has an Arab Problem - WoTR, Sep 2017
Perhaps the most high-profile loyalist brigade in the SDF is Liwa Suqur al-Raqqa, whose commanders were secretly recorded last year discussing logistics with regime officials, and who sent a representative to meet with Ba’ath Party national leadership in Qamishli. A short-lived affiliate group openly announced its allegiance to Assad and the head of his intelligence services, prompting a crackdown by another SDF outfit.
SdF  arabs  recruitment  tribes  PYD  Mar15  Rojava  Assad 
12 weeks ago by elizrael
Kurdish residents in Syria’s north find linguistic freedom after decades of state suppression - Syria Direct, Nov 29, 2017
“We were constantly afraid that these Kurdish writings or poetry collections would be seen,” Abdulrahman, now an Afrin-based journalist for a local media outlet, tells Syria Direct. He risked being caught with illegal reading, he says, because “the Kurdish language is my identity.”
language  Kurdish  KurdishRights  Rojava  PYD  education  art  poetry 
december 2017 by elizrael
Regime Offers Kurds 'Self-Rule' in Exchange for Withdrawal From Arab Areas - Andalou, Oct 30,2017
Turkish news agency Anadolu quoted sources as saying that Mamlouk proposed that the group be given “regional self rule” in the country’s north in exchange for withdrawing their forces from Assad regime areas that are majority Arab. It said that the PYD had rejected the offer, demanding instead a “federalist area guaranteed by the constitution.”
Mar15  PYD  federalism  Assad  Rojava  diplomacy 
december 2017 by elizrael
‘Getting here cost us everything’: Making a new life in Syria’s Kurdish north - SD, Nov 14,2017
This happened again and again, hearing the same response and seeing the same disgusted look on their faces when I reveal that I’m from Deir e-Zor. When I ask friends and acquaintances about houses for rent, I get the same response.

Recently, I found a landlord who was ready to rent his house to me—for a high price—and I reluctantly accepted because I didn’t have any other options. We went to the commune to sign the contract, and that was the last straw—the commune refused to allow the landlord to rent to me, saying that ‘all people from Deir e-Zor are from Daesh [the Islamic State].’
DeirEzZor  discrimination  Mar15  Rojava  PYD  smuggling  IDPs 
december 2017 by elizrael
‘A blessing and a curse’: Kobani residents on US military presence in Syria’s north - SD, Nov 15,2017
Their views ranged from enthusiastic support for US support in fighting “terrorism” to outright criticism of American “occupation” in northern Syria
Mar15  PYD  Rojava  USG  ForeignFighters  occupation 
december 2017 by elizrael

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