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Has now violated his gag order?

Judge ABJ ordered him not to speak about his case at all.

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THE EVIDENCE: Did Roger Stone Help Uncover a Satanic 'Cabal' Involving the Clintons? by David Seaman JANUARY 30, 2019
To understand this bizarre, but true story - the largest political scandal of recent times, and one that entangles the Clintons, as well as the Soros and Rothschild international banking families - you have to go back to 2010.

Many have been threatened, sued, falsely imprisoned and in some rare cases even killed in pursuit of the details of this scandal.

Yet now we have all the pieces, and accountability for these people is needed. FULCRUM is not a law enforcement agency, we are researchers and a media outlet in Washington. After this information becomes widely known and validated worldwide, it will be up to those in law enforcement to take broad action.

Beginning around 2010, approximately a year after President Obama took office, rumors began to swirl in the truth community that some kind of Satanic cult or club had quietly seized the reins of control in Washington, D.C., and was beginning to assert itself.

Famed conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart called out John Podesta, a long time Clinton insider, and Bill Clinton's former White House chief of staff, as being a key part of this occult child abuse effort.

"What's in your closet, John Podesta? Big Podesta? Big Soros? Do you want us to play these games?" Breitbart asked mockingly into a Slate reporter's recorder in one of his last known interviews, clearly exasperated with the "politics of personal destruction" he was experiencing for calling out these powerful men, and their alleged links to some of the absolute seediest activities on planet Earth. "F**k you, John Podesta," Breitbart appears to conclude in the interview, which can still be found on YouTube HERE.
On February 4, 2011 the above was tweeted about John Podesta from Andrew Breitbart's verified Twitter account, and several months later Breitbart died of sudden heart failure, only in his early 40s.

The rumors somewhat subside after Breitbart's death, and during his two terms Barack Obama is able to enact a surprising amount of his agenda, with the help of his Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Rumors continue to swirl that Obama is some kind of Rothschild/Soros operative, and this culminates with Secretary Clinton extrajudicially wiping out Libya's leader and leadership, ruthlessly (he was sodomized and beaten to death in the street by his own people, if you remember). His crime? As we would later learn, Libya's leader was pushing for a pan-African gold backed currency, which put him in direct conflict with the Rothschild banking deepstate's doctrine.

The banking deepstate wants the world to use debt backed paper currencies - their currencies - now and forever more. Things like gold and cryptocurrency are not debt backed, and exist in discrete quantities that can't be inflated or deflated at will by a handful of banking families. They can't be easily controlled from all angles.

John Podesta largely escapes mass public negative attention after Breitbart's death, until in late 2016 when his private emails begin to be leaked by WikiLeaks in suspenseful batches (, hitting a crescendo just days before the US Presidential election in which newcomer Republican candidate Donald Trump was pitted against establishment Democratic darling Hillary Clinton, the same woman who decimated Libya at the behest of the Rothschilds.

As Podesta's emails have been examined by millions in the more than two years since their release, a scandal known as "Pizzagate" has exploded into the public consciousness, despite mainstream media opposition and unprecedented attempts at censorship.

Pizzagate, as outlined in our 8 minute documentary viewed 215,000+ times on Bitchute so far, focuses around the fact that Podesta repeatedly uses "pizza" as a code word for an item of some kind - many researchers believe pizza is a code word for a young female child.

It has nothing to do with pizza shops, although a bizarre pizza shop owner does pop up repeatedly in Podesta's emails, and that pizza shop owner was curiously labeled by Washingtonian Magazine as one of the most powerful men in DC. He also visited the Obama White House a minimum of five times according to publicly accessible logs.

John Podesta, who received spiritcooking invitations (, has personally dined with Lynn Forester de Rothschild and George Soros as far back as 2007, according to WikiLeaks emails (

John Podesta is not a mere gopher; he's a fixer to the two wealthiest and most powerful families in the West.
This is very bad for Soros and the Rothschilds as Podesta's perversion goes properly viral around the world, thanks to Roger Stone's recent indictment and arrest. Millions of smart people have read the WikiLeaks, including many here in Washington, DC.

Roger Stone must have known exactly what he was doing in late 2016 when he drew voters' attention to John Podesta's bizarre emails. He did nothing wrong by promoting the emails, of course.

General Michael Flynn also drew attention to the Podesta emails from his verified Twitter account just four days before the Presidential election in 2016.
Vast changes of some kind lay ahead.

-David Seaman
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What is Stone saying at the end? Sounds like "liptards"? Thanks & !
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I’ve known most of my reporting career in DC. He has tons of dirt, but told me he’d never turn on…
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Don't let distract us from the second missed payday for workers. Hear me on te…
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