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[FoR&AI] The Seven Deadly Sins of Predicting the Future of AI – Rodney Brooks
A new essay in my Future of Robotics & AI series--why people are so bad at predicting how soon things will come.
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We are the robots | COSMOS magazine
"When we look back at what we are calling the singularity, we will see it not as a singular event but as an extended transformation. It will be a period in which a collection of technologies will emerge, mature and enter our environments and bodies. There will be a brave new world of augmented people, which will help us prepare for a brave new world of AGIs. We will still have our emotions, intelligence and consciousness. And the machines will have them too."
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march 2012 by Preoccupations
Tom Hume: Tight loops and feedback
Battling Reality is one of my favourite papers so far, for its frankness ("Many of the preconceived notions entertained before we started building our robots turned out to be misguided"), and its clear message that the act of construction was in itself educational. In particular,
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