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april 2014 by pciszewski
Atlanta Falcons: 3 Up, 3 Down.
The season may only be 2 weeks old but it seems that a lot has happened for the Falcons in those 2 weeks, including 2 players being placed in season ending injured reserve amongst other injuries that are a cause for concern. Its not all negative though, despite the 1-1 record so here we have […]
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september 2013 by zennie62
NFL Week 1: A 10 Point Handy Summary.
1. Most surprising score of the week. Tennesse Titans 16-9 Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers may not be as highly favoured this season as in previous years but their home record is one of the best in the league and the Titans have only had one winning season since 2008. 2. Offensive player of the week. A record tying 7 […]
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september 2013 by zennie62

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