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Soyuz 7K-ST No. 16L - Wikipedia
The launch control team activated the escape system but the control cables had already burned through, and the Soyuz crew could not activate or control the escape system themselves. The backup radio command to fire the LES required 2 independent operators receive separate commands to do so and each act within 5 seconds, which took several seconds to occur... the escape system motor fired... with an acceleration of 14 to 17g (137 to 167 m/s²) for five seconds... Upon being greeted by recovery crews, they immediately asked for cigarettes to steady their nerves. The cosmonauts were then given shots of vodka to help them relax.
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8 days ago by pozorvlak
Chasing Rocket Launches
VICE News followed me at a recent Falcon 9 launch and produced this HBO special on my work and what goes into photographing launches… and wading into the swamp to capture the shot!
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Viewing SpaceX launches at Vandenberg AFB
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Taiwan Can Win a War With China – Foreign Policy
if this means that the Chinese army can counter U.S. force projection at a fraction of America’s costs, it also means that the democracies straddling the East Asian rim can deter Chinese aggression at a fraction of the PLA’s costs. In an era that favors defense, small nations like Taiwan do not need a PLA-sized military budget to keep the Chinese at bay.
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24 days ago by yorksranter

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