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Stuff I can’t live without during a recording: my custom made with the simply amazing…
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7 days ago by Gehirnkaese
Steam-Powered Asteroid Hoppers Developed through UCF Collaboration - University of Central Florida News | UCF Today
“WINE successfully mined the soil, made rocket propellant, and launched itself on a jet of steam extracted from the simulant. We could potentially use this technology to hop on the Moon, Ceres, Europa, Titan, Pluto, the poles of Mercury, asteroids — anywhere there is water and sufficiently low gravity.”
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11 days ago by yorksranter
Favorite: Largest Piece of SLS Rocket Test Hardware Moved for Testing, by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center
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4 weeks ago by pauljacobson
八谷さんのOpenSky(通称メーヴェ): 松浦晋也のL/D
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5 weeks ago by summerwind

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