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En ce moment sur le à , on peut voir des démonstrations des petits qui pourrait a…
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3 days ago by freerange_inc
fahye: and watch him go
As Will Graham passes within a handsbreadth of Hannibal's face, Hannibal can smell something else there as well: something unfamiliar. The odour is glowing and ashy like a poker left too long in the fire.

"All yours, sir," says the manager. "I recommend a daily winding, but this model can almost make it to three days."

Will Graham's twitching eyes are intent on the iron key as it changes hands.
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4 days ago by spatz
Rogue One - Unorthodox Modifications, by bright_elen K2SO/Cassian
K-2SO finds out about hedonic processors by accident. What he ultimately does with that information is quite deliberate.
cassian/k2so  k2so/cassian  rogueone  length:15k-50k  robots 
5 days ago by northern
This Silicon Valley Billionaire Wants to Give Us All Robot Bodies - Motherboard
The Beam was designed as a video conferencing tool, allowing instant, face-to-face communication—kind of like FaceTime or Skype, except you can drive the screen on legs around the room remotely, with a keyboard. It could one day become much more. Those with disabilities can have access to a rudimentary body that allows them to go where they otherwise can't. (Edward Snowden has famously used one in his public appearances.)
6 days ago by jomc
We're excited to be exploring the world of and in term 3 with coming to our workshops!…
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6 days ago by pipcleaves

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