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Robots: Is your job at risk? - Sep. 15, 2017
Almost 100 years ago, the U.S. horse population peaked at about 26 million. There's been, of course, a steady decline since then, thanks to the growth of machines -- most notably, cars.
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yesterday by jorgebarba
Robo-pocalypse not-quite-Now
"The jobs robo-pocalypse is postponed, says YouGov. 
But is the UK’s moderate approach to robotics the right idea, or economic suicide?"
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yesterday by jonerp
Should There Be a ‘Robot Tax’ to Offset Human Job Loss from Automation?
"Yet, the fears around machines creating mass joblessness may be overhyped. Some analysts point out that automation may take over certain types of work, but historically such technological shifts have helped to create more jobs than they have eliminated. But what is different about this emerging revolution this time around is that not only are blue-collar jobs potentially threatened by our increasing reliance on machines, but also highly skilled, white-collar jobs as well — think about the recent rise of fintech or the growing use of robotics in healthcare."
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yesterday by jonerp
See & Spray Agricultural Machines @ Blue River Technology
See & Spray: precisely spraying chemicals
only where needed, and with exactly what's needed. "Our smart machines give farmers a new way to control and prevent herbicide-resistant weeds, while also eliminating 80% of the chemical volumes that growers spray today."
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2 days ago by cyberchucktx
Robotic actuator three time stronger than natural muscle made |
"silicone rubber matrix with ethanol distributed throughout in micro-bubbles. The solution combined the elastic properties and extreme volume change attributes of other material systems while also being easy to fabricate, low cost, and made of environmentally safe materials.

After being 3D-printed into the desired shape, the artificial muscle was electrically actuated using a thin resistive wire and low-power (8V). It was tested in a variety of robotic applications where it showed significant expansion-contraction ability, being capable of expansion up to 900% when electrically heated to 80°C. "
3 days ago by magnusc

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