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Free stock trading app Robinhood rockets to a $5.6B valuation with new funding round | TechCrunch
“And it’s that tantalizing prospect of creating a next generation way of trading assets and cryptocurrency that is now sending Robinhood to a $5.6 billion valuation in a new financing round that the company is announcing today. Robinhood says it’s closed a $363 million Series D financing round; DST Global led this new round and Iconiq, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia and Capital G participated. Robinhood had a $1.3 billion valuation last year when it had around 2 million users, and the company says it now has 4 million users and has passed $150 billion in transaction volume.”

I keep forgetting. Is that valuation pre or post investment. Either way. Around 7/7.5% of the company.
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may 2018 by skinnymuch
🎙️😡📈 Thriller Coin Talk - Episode 12: Bitcoin Dropping!!!
february 2018 by toddc
Sign up for to invest in and stocks, and we’ll both get a free stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprin…
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february 2018 by toddc
Jesus broke 1 million new subscribers to wait in line for sales. Pretty impressive expe…
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january 2018 by toddc

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