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(35) Ryan Cook's answer to For an experienced computer programmer who has been coding for years, what are some new interesting things you learn that you previously didn't know? - Quora
Ryan Cook, Software Engineer at Jornaya
Answered Jul 12
I've been writing code for 20 years (11 professionally), and today I learned something absolutely fascinating.

I finally got around to reading @Robert Martin’s book Clean Architecture. Should have made time for it much sooner.

I've encountered many of the concepts before (SOLID, coupling & cohesion, etc), but never in such an entertaining and eye-opening way.

Anyway, I learned something new about programming paradigms. That the 3 major paradigms (structured, object-oriented, and functional) were all discovered within the same decade (1958-1968). Since then, no new paradigms have been discovered, and it's extremely unlikely that there ever will be.

Martin argues that these 3 paradigms can be understood as each taking something away from there freewheeling nature of bare metal programming:

Structured programming limits direct transfer of control (goodbye goto).
OOP limits indirect transfer of control (goodbye function pointers).
Functional programming limits variable assignment (goodbye mutable state).
Arguably, there's nothing left to take away that wouldn't simply leave us crippled. For better or worse, these are the paradigms we have to live with, probably forever.
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6 days ago by theskett
John O'Sullivan on O'Sullivan's First Law on National Review Online
The behavior of an organization can best be predicted by assuming it to be controlled by a secret cabal of its enemies.
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11 weeks ago by noahsussman

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