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onpaperfirst: Letters Lost in the Fire
“This came across my desk.”

He was so full of shit sometimes.

From the Philadelphia field office, from Billings, Montana, or Cedar Rapids, Iowa, from a detective in Albany who went to school with Reggie Purdue. “I’m a popular guy,” he would say with a self-deprecating shrug, fidget with the knot of his tie. Flash her a smile. He was a go-getter, you had to give him that.

If she were her friend, she would’ve told herself to run far, far away from him a long, long time ago. That’s the kind of friend she was, back when she had friends.

She wouldn’t usually have let him talk her into this. No, wait. For one thing, that makes it sound exciting, and it isn’t. And it also isn’t true. He’d somehow managed to talk her right into her mid-thirties without blinking. But it’s the weekend, for one, and this also is not currently her job. Or his. She supposes Mulder is her job in a larger, cosmic sense, but that idea doesn’t bear thinking about for too long.
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Boarding in a few minutes for the first leg of my trip to Memphis, and then on via to Montgomery! Photogr…
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RT : ! Aidan Nelson's "library-of-places" takes you on a visual tour around the States by way of…
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