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RT : Ah yes, and . Quite insightful. advocates are fighting for *convenience* for vuln…
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3 days ago by rtanglao
20+ Motorcycle Close Calls Every Motorcycle Rider Experiences / Motorcycle Rider Tips - YouTube
Some of my biggest takeaways from here
* any time you spend getting angry at another driver is time you're not defending yourself from other hazards
* motorists only ever expect other vehicles to act like cars
* remember the limits of your visibility (esp blind turns, but hills etc as well)
* remember the limits of other drivers' ability to see you (blind spots, approaching quickly from behind)

Also the excellent timeless point
* it's not about who's right or wrong, it's about who lives and dies

And finally always a helpful rule
* ffs have a bit of fucking patience
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15 days ago by shadowspar
E-Scooter Ride-Share Industry Leaves Injuries and Angered Cities in its Path - Consumer Reports
"As he set out, Grasso noticed construction ahead and steered from the side of the street up onto the sidewalk. As he maneuvered, the scooter hit a bump, and he crashed head-first into the ground. “The whole unit just flipped forward and smashed my face into the cement walkway,” he said."
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16 days ago by shadowspar
Junction Malfunction and a New Dawn | WMP Traffic
When we started the Safer Cycling concept we needed some direction, something on which we could concentrate our efforts to best see results for the work we wanted to do, our core task being to keep vulnerable road users safe on their journeys about the region.
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may 2019 by timbeadle
Meeting my local MP later to discuss in Lancashire and the handling of incidents by

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april 2019 by mikenolan

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