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Product Roadmaps: Love, Hate (& Hate) –
Ultimately a roadmap is about creating a shared understanding with our team, our users, and our stakeholders. We’re focused on solving problems, not releasing features.
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6 weeks ago by mreinbold
Why you should stop using product roadmaps and try GIST Planning
“We have a goal to deal with in-product collaboration by end of Q3. I can’t say exactly how it will work yet — we’re considering a number of ideas and keeping things agile, but we should have an MVP by end of Q2. Would you like to be an early tester and give us feedback?”
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11 weeks ago by devin
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Do you work in a place that does or tries to practice Agile and it isn’t going so smoothly? Do you also have Roadmap? It might be the source of some of your problems. It is common for organizations to have a Product Roadmap, which is a list of features along a timeline for their delivery.
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january 2019 by jasonpackham

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