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Bill Barr's Brilliant Touchdown Run at Notre Dame
Bill Barr fails to understand that leftism is a religion, like all the others.
rmc  leftism  religion 
yesterday by chrischantrill
What Unites the Right?
But I'd say the question is what comes after the right?
3 days ago by chrischantrill
These 3 Policy Failures Are Killing the American Dream
wages down; housing, health care, higher education too high; social welfare too outdated.
rmc  politics 
9 days ago by chrischantrill
Nel Noddings Ethics of Care
a feminine approach to ethics and moral education.
rmc  feminism 
11 days ago by chrischantrill
Why Donald Trump will win big in 2020
Conrad Black provides a little "unauthorized" early history of the US.
rmc  politics 
16 days ago by chrischantrill
A View Based on Nietzsche’s Thinking
rmc  nietzsche 
18 days ago by chrischantrill
Leninism by the numbers.
rmc  communism 
19 days ago by chrischantrill
PC Culture’s Takeover of the Corporate World
lefties have all kinds of rating systems, and the corporations are glad to jump through the hoops.
rmc  leftism 
23 days ago by chrischantrill
What Comes After Transgender?
forcing medical professionals to treat LGBT as it they were sane.
rmc  healthcare 
25 days ago by chrischantrill
The War on Common Sense
romanticism, Hegelianism, Marxism, progressivism, existentialism, postmodernism, and the like
rmc  leftism 
4 weeks ago by chrischantrill
The Noble Feat of Nike | YaleGlobal Online
Why do the Vietnamese like to work for Nike? Because they get to work indoors.
rmc  nike  vietnam 
4 weeks ago by chrischantrill
Ruminations on Solzhenitsin
remember that totalitarians and terrorists think of themselves as warriors for justice
rmc  communism  leftism 
5 weeks ago by chrischantrill
Liberal Delusions About Conservatives
by James Ault, the liberal that actually spent time studying a fundamentalist church.
rmc  ault  leftism 
5 weeks ago by chrischantrill
The Boomer Revolution and Its Consequences
Today’s young people are a lost generation. Anxious, depressed, and overworked...
rmc  Sixties 
6 weeks ago by chrischantrill
Tea Party and Racism
NYT revises article on Tea Party to align with The Narrative that the Tea Party was racist.
rmc  teaparty  racism 
6 weeks ago by chrischantrill

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