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Accessible, Simple, Responsive Tables | CSS-Tricks
There is no single solution to make any appropriately responsive. That's what I like about this post by Davide Rizzo: it admits that, then gets on with som
Davide  tutorials  css-tricks  Rizzo  table  css  html  reponsive 
march 2016 by jaumeb
What we would change about Rizzo - Ian Feather
Written on 20 January 2015 | I’ve heard recently that a few different companies have created a version of Rizzo to build on the work we have done at Lonely…
frontend  styleguide  pattern-library  styleguides  rizzo  cssarch  ctfeds  development  examples  frontendops 
january 2015 by evilkarlothian
Rizzo Pleads Guilty To Tax Fraud Charges – CBS Local
CBS LocalLOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Disgraced former Bell city manger Robert Rizzo Monday pleaded guilty to charges that he filed a false federal income-tax return. Rizzo admitted in a plea agreement that he created a corporation to fraudulently claim losses on …Ex-Bell city manager to plead guilty in tax caseThe San Luis Obispo Tribune all […]
IFTTT  Zennie62  Los  Angeles  agreement  CBS  CBSLA  city  Ex  Bell  news  Robert  Rizzo  Monday  San  Luis  Obispo  Tribuneall 
january 2014 by zennie62
Bangladeshi Garment Workers and the Perversion of Ethics | ThinkMarkets
Too often, as this case demonstrates, people moralize high standards of living and hence of worker safety. Worker safety is a normal good, that is, as income rises we can afford more of it. To say that people have a right to a certain level of worker safety and a “living wage” is an example of the harm the notion of positive rights can do in poor countries – especially when the standards are imported from developed countries.
rizzo  sweatshops  sidebar 
may 2013 by HispanicPundit
The Just Distribution of Income and Wealth « ThinkMarkets
NYU economist Mario Rizzo gives a list of some of the questions and issues that serious people ought to consider on inequality.
sidebar  rizzo  inequality 
december 2011 by HispanicPundit
The Tender Things That We Were Working On by rizzo (The Breakfast Club, Brian/John, R)
He leaves the invitation on the kitchen table, where he knows John will find it as soon as he gets home.
slash  futurefic  BreakfastClub  brian/john  rizzo 
september 2011 by innuendosquad
Rizzo: Like Static Site Generation, But In Groovy (incoherencies)
RT : In which I announce Rizzo — a Groovy static site generator (with tags + per-tag Atom feeds): .
groovy  rizzo  from twitter
june 2011 by ZacharyAKlein
Office 365 vs. Google Apps: Microsoft Comes Out Firing
Office 365 vs. Google Apps: Microsoft Comes Out Firing
Office365  Thurrott  Rizzo 
may 2011 by tbony
It's the Muppet Doctor Who Special, With Our Very Special Guest Star, Matt Smith!, by David Hines
Gen. "Tonight, the Muppet Theater is proud to present the Muppet Doctor Who Special, the Muppets' tribute to the long-running BBC television series! SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor! Admission reasonable. Concessions very reasonable. Budget marginal. Free parking."
Crossover  Muppets  RPF:Doctor.Who  Muppets/RPF:Doctor.Who  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Kermit  Piggy  Fozzie  Gonzo  Rizzo  Statler  Waldorf  Beaker  Bobo  Pepe  Scooter  Animal  Janice  Sweetums  Sam.the.Eagle  Dr.Teeth  Bunsen.Honeydew  Crazy.Harry  Rowlf  Bert.(Muppet)  Ernie.(Muppet)  Matt.Smith  Steven.Moffat  6000-6999.words 
january 2011 by settiai

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