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Lok Sabha election: Rahul’s Thirunelli visit has political & emotional connect
When Rahul Gandhi begins his second visit to Wayanad constituency on Wednesday morning by offering prayers at over-a-millenium old Thirunelli temple where the ashes of his late father Rajiv Gandhi was ritualisticall y immersed in a stream,what will be unmissable will be the political symbolism as well.His offering bali tharpanan -paying obeisance to the departed soul of his father- on the banks of Papanashini, would also accentuate the sybolic significance of the visit ,as Papanashini is also known as Kashi of South,a perfect metaphorical counterbalance to the sacred antiquity of Modi's constituency Kashi (Varanasi)
politics  elections-India  rituals  temples  Hinduism 
2 days ago by thomas.kochi
A Study in Sociosexual Behaviour - by falsepremise
One of the ten A’tai stepped forward, the universal translators translating her words instantly into standard, ‘Greetings. We receive you in peace. We anticipate with excitement the greater understanding of our universe that will be made possible today. I am Sh’nell, leader of the A’tai. On behalf of the A’tai, I welcome you to A’tai and our homes.’

Sh’nell quickly closed the distance between herself and Jim, embracing him fully, her naked breasts pressed up against his chest and her hands softly stroking down his hair and back. Jim forced himself to keep to first contact protocols: he needed to receive graciously what was clearly intended as a gesture of friendship. Cultural differences and boundaries could be explored soon.

But, damn… He hoped Spock didn’t get the wrong idea. It had been six months since Spock and Nyota had officially broken up. Six months since Jim had realised that he actually had a shot at something with Spock. Jim had stopped pursuing anyone else. He had been attempting to make his intentions clear, slowly and gently, giving time for Spock to grieve the loss of his relationship with Nyota, and to slowly realise that Jim was in love with him. Scenes like this could undermine six months of hard work.

Finally, Sh’nell began to pull away from the embrace and Jim thought with relief that it was over. But instead, Sh’nell leaned in and pressed a warm kiss on Jim’s mouth. When she tried to deepen the kiss Jim carefully pulled back and smiled. His eyes darted quickly to Spock—as Jim had feared, Spock’s mouth was a thin grimacing line. Dammit. But wait, does that mean he feels something for me? Reluctantly, Jim dragged his attention away from Spock and back to the situation at hand. Time to explore cultural differences, at least a little.

‘Let me greet you in the way of my people,’ Jim smiled at Sh’nell with a hand outstretched. Sh’nell looked at Jim’s hand curiously as Jim took Sh’nell’s hand in his and guided her through a hand shake.
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27 days ago by runpunkrun
Currently, the law carves out a narrow exception for information obtained during the Catholic sacrament of Penance and other religions’ similar penitential rituals, which bind clergy to secrecy. If the California legislature enacts Hill’s bill, that exception would disappear—and Catholic priests, bound by canon law not to disclose the contents of a confession, could face criminal prosecution and imprisonment for refusing to comply.The Catholic doctrine of the seal of confession dates back to the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215, which mandated that Catholics confess their grave sins to a priest via the sacrament of Penance.Eastern Orthodox churches do not have such an explicit rule, but they do have the same expectation of absolute secrecy surrounding sacramental confession. Interestingly, although America is historically Protestant, it has also historically recognized the binding power of the Catholic seal of sacramental confession. All fifty states and the District of Columbia have “privileges” built into their evidence codes that protect disclosures between penitents and priests, as well as other kinds of confidential communications with clergy whose faith forbids disclosure.Connecticut and Texas, have specifically eliminated the privilege. Several Australian priests have openly vowed to defy the laws and risk jail if they must, citing the inviolable nature of their duty of secrecy under a law they regard as more binding than any secular statute. If SB-360 becomes the law in California—and if Catholicism-hostile law enforcers decide to trap priests in their confessional boxes—we could well see another round of, if not martyrs, men willing to risk all for their faith.
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4 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
Harden Your Heart Against the Night - Ciridae - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Returning to Hogwarts slightly more learned but not quite civilized the trio face enemies, friends and problems new and old.
f:hp  slytherin!harry  canon.rewrite  incomplete  rituals  magic 
7 weeks ago by miss_speller
Worry Stones - by escriveine
People from the village are arriving now, but no one else comes up to the table. John touches a few of the rocks, surprised at how different even the smooth-looking ones feel. One’s almost slick despite being perfectly dry, while another is covered in nearly invisible bursts of texture like ridges of unmelting frost.

There’s this one, though, that John finds really appealing, a dark green and brown rock bigger than his fist, its irregular shape a series of contours that somehow flow from one to the other, as if all the water that splashed and swirled over its edges imbued the stone with its own essential nature, transforming rather than abrading. For all that, it’s still definitely a rock, resting with a solid, comfortable weight in his hand.

Ronon’s holding up a stone that looks like a small, flattened ball of sandy dough until it catches the light. Then it throws off these tiny, flicker-fast gleams too fleeting to focus on individually, but together they create a composite impression of brilliance. Ronon looks amazed, like he didn’t know rocks could sparkle, and when he laughs, he’s dappled with reflected sun.

Rodney is busily engaged, mumbling to himself like he does when conducting an experiment back in his lab. Each specimen gets picked up and methodically examined like it’s a marvel or maybe holds the key to an age-old mystery. If anyone could unlock the secrets of the universe with a river rock, it’d be Rodney. He’s clearly in his happy place, focussed on finding the answer to a question only he knows. When he grins up at John, waggling an orangey oblong rock held in the fingertips of one hand, Rodney looks positively mischievous for no obvious reason. John grins back, waving the greeny-brown one he’s still holding, and that thing in John’s chest finally eases up a little.
sga  mckay/sheppard  off-world  team  rituals  water 
8 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Darkly Loyal | Keira Marcos
Summary: They call him Blackmoor. They call him a dark lord. They only have themselves to blame for the man Harry Potter became. When the Light strikes a personal blow in their efforts to control him, Harry will risk everything to take back the life stolen from him.
f:hp  p:harry/draco/hermione  murder  timetravel  magic  manipulation  rituals 
8 weeks ago by miss_speller
The Black Resurgence - alexmurray - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Arcturus Black, Head of the Black Family, manages to free Sirius after only two years in prison. Free, though still believed to be a Death Eater by the public, Sirius raises Harry. As he deals with the aftermath of the war and Azkaban, Sirius begins re-evaluating his world view. He ran away from the pureblood world he was born into, believing it to be evil and wrong. But was it? Was Voldemort really fighting for pureblood supremacy? Or was he simply and evil mad man? Is Dumbledore truly good? Or a manipulative, power hungry man trying to shape the wizarding world to his desires?
incomplete  rituals  traditions  f:hp  politics  adoption  c:sirius  black.family  magic  gen  au  canon.divergent 
8 weeks ago by miss_speller
The Reclamation of Black Magic - ShayaLonnie - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
House of Black is reclaiming their power and changing the future of the magical world.

*Updated Sporadically—Not Abandoned*
politics  traditions  rituals  magic  family!fic  c:dorea.potter  c:sirius  wip  canon.divergent  au  f:hp  raising.harry 
9 weeks ago by miss_speller
A Marauder's Plan - CatsAreCool (Rachel500) - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
What if Sirius decided to stay in England and deliver on his promise to raise Harry instead of hiding somewhere sunny? Changes abound with that one decision...
au  politics  rituals  canon.divergent  c:sirius  adoption  f:hp  p:harry/hermione  friendship  family!fic 
10 weeks ago by miss_speller
Shibboleths - zeitgeistic (faire_weather) - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Muggle Immersion co-Professor Harry Potter spends his days hanging with his son, reading to his "dog," teaching magical kids about the internet with his cousin Dudley, and irritating Snape’s portrait. He’s understandably annoyed when his cosy life is interrupted by the Headmistress hiring on Draco Malfoy to be Hogwarts’ new Ancient Magical Cultures and Spellcasting professor. But then the explosion happens, and it turns out they'll all need Malfoy's knowledge if they want the magical world to survive.
au  aliens  f:hp  p:h/d  magic  rituals  ewe  professors  atlantis 
11 weeks ago by miss_speller
Ynys Afallach (I Will Give My Love An Apple) - Femme (femmequixotic), noeon (noe) - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Professor Waverley Root's tutorial in the history of magical food is something of a legend at Flamel College. Draco Malfoy wants to apply it to his work in sustainable wizarding agriculture. Harry Potter's taking it for his interest in historical overlap between the magical and Muggle worlds in the West Country. When Root pairs them together, the fireworks (and the apples!) fly. Now if only they can find something original, perhaps they'll make it through to complete their degrees on time.
magic  rituals  f:hp  p:h/d  college  canon.divergent  ewe 
12 weeks ago by miss_speller
What are your rituals related to self-care or introspection? - practices habits routine | Ask MetaFilter
I’d like to add more structure to my life and I’m looking for ideas for little rituals or small structured practices I can start doing. Specifically I am looking for rituals related to introspection, self-care, mental health, stress reduction, relationships and new experiences. So: tell me your rituals, routines, habits and practices related to those things.

Examples of the kinds of things I’m looking for:

Making a list every night of 5 things you’re grateful for
Doing something you’ve never done before every year on your birthday
Trading answers with a friend each week on an introspective question
Sending a postcard to a particular friend every time you go on a trip, even if it’s a boring work trip to somewhere non-exciting

The more specific the better. I want things that have some kind of structure to them, so general good-for-you ideas like “I exercise” or “I journal” or “I try to be a compassionate person” are less what I’m looking for here. Give me specifics!

The genesis of this question is that I'm ending therapy soon, and I've realized that I really enjoyed having the structure of a set-aside time each week for introspection. I'd like to create some more structures that give me a regular way to check in with myself, take care of my mental health, prompt myself to do some growing and changing, and help keep my relationships in good shape.

Small rituals are especially great (although big things are fine too), and weird/unusual rituals are especially welcome!
askme  introspection  rituals  howtobeaperson 
january 2019 by laurenipsum
A Gift from the Gods - NotMyBestIdea - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It's the winter solstice and Stiles is going to meet his soulmate.
magic  fluff  rituals  soulmate  p:derek/stiles  f:teenwolf  au 
january 2019 by miss_speller

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