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Turn Around No GIF by Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers - Find & Share on GIPHY
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Simple Risk Measurement
1. Define a risk scenario: A well defined, undesirable future event that we want to measure.
2. Gather the evidence: We gather facts, reference classes, models, experiences, and opinions.
3, Estimate the outcomes: We estimate of the probabilities / impacts the scenario may have.
4. Make a decision: We make decisions with this information, and measure again if needed.
5. Keep Score: As outcomes occur, we check our work, improve our methods and reduce our uncertainty.
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Releasing: Simple Risk Measurement – Ryan McGeehan – Medium
My recent focus has been to introduce quantitative methods into common security problems, intending to find issues that make probabilistic approaches in cybersecurity either impractical or…
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CloudSEK - Digital Risk Management
CloudSEK is an Artificial Intelligence powered Digital Risk Management enterprise.
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