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Framing Risk with Numbers: The Framing Effects of Risk Assertions and Number Formats on Emotions and Risk Perceptions: Mass Communication and Society: Vol 0, No ja
This study examines how risk assertions and relevant statistics presented in different number formats interact to influence emotional and cognitive outcomes. Experimental news stories presented risk assertions highlighting either safety from or vulnerability to violent crime, accompanied by crime statistics in absolute frequency, simple fraction or percentage format. Though it may be tempting to assume that large numbers such as national statistics in absolute frequency create a greater impression due to their sheer size, our results show that only probability formats including simple fraction and percentages resonate with assertions in generating emotions. Furthermore, we found that negative emotions play a mediating role in producing pessimistic risk assessments. Our findings reveal how people process numerical information and its impact on emotional and cognitive responses. Empirical and methodological implications for framing research, as well as cognitive aspects in emotional reactions and the nature of emotional effects on risk perceptions are discussed.
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elisehunchuck [Elise Misao Hunchuck]
[via: https://twitter.com/lowlowtide/status/1052233654074654720

"what a rare pleasure, listening 2 @elisehunchuck presenting her research on an incomplete atlas of stones: ‘Trangressions & Regressions’ @tudelft #ULWeek2018

“stones help us understand how the earth moves”—@elisehunchuck"]

"Elise Hunchuck (b. Toronto) is a Berlin based researcher and designer with degrees in landscape architecture, philosophy, and geography whose work focuses on bringing together fieldwork and design through collaborative practices of observation, care, and coordination. Facilitating multidisciplinary exchanges between teaching and representational methods as a way to further develop landscape-oriented research methodologies at multiple scales, her research develops cartographic, photographic, and text-based practices to explore and communicate the agency of disasters through the continual configuring and reconfiguring of infrastructures of risk, including memorials, monuments, and coastal defense structures.

A University Olmsted Scholar, Elise was recently a finalist for the 2017 Maeder-York Landscape Fellowship at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Cambridge, US) and a research fellow with the Landscape Architecture Foundation (Washington DC, US). Her writing has appeared in The Funambulist and her research has been featured on BLDGBLOG. She has taught representational history and methods in the graduate architecture, landscape, and urban design departments at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, University of Toronto (Toronto, CA) and has been an invited critic in the undergraduate and graduate programs at the architecture, landscape, and urban design departments at the Daniels Faculty and the School of Architecture at Waterloo.

Elise is also a member of the editorial board of Scapegoat Journal: Architecture / Landscape / Political Economy.

For general enquiries, commissions, or collaborations, please contact directly via email at elisehunchuck [at] gmail [dot] com."

[See also:

"An Incomplete Atlas of Stones"

"Warnings Along the Inundation Line"

"Century Old Warnings Against Tsunamis Dot Japan's Coastline"

"How Century Old Tsunami Stones Saved Lives in the Tohoku Earthquake of 2011"


https://issuu.com/danielsfacultyuoft/docs/2016.04.11_-_2016_winter_thesis_rev ]
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3 days ago by robertogreco
Starting A Business? Make Sure It’s Born Global - Minutehack
UK example of a born global firm - The English tea Shop. Advice on being born global.
ESB6  ch1  ch16  ch15  bornglobal  internationalentrepreneurship  sales  advice  risk 
4 days ago by jeromekatz
Is Your Startup “Born Global”? | AllBusiness.com
Practical born global advice for small businesses - when it pays to be born global.
ESB6  ch1  ch16  risk  risks  bornglobal  internationalentrepreneurship  advice 
4 days ago by jeromekatz
Small business born global – RSA Group
However, the vast majority (92%) of SME owners believe they started out as a local or UK business rather than European or global, while four fifths (82%) admit they are more concerned about local risks than global threats. This perception gap is leaving small businesses open to ‘hidden’ or ‘shadow’ risks (i.e. risks beyond their physical footprint that haven’t been recognised or managed), and causing them to miss out on significant international growth opportunities. External perceptions of SMEs also contribute to this ‘shadow risk’, with three quarters (74%) of SME owners saying the view that small businesses are local by default is out-dated. Top concerns related to international expansion include banking security and fraud (75%), cyber-attacks (69%) and economic turmoil (69%). This is a real concern, with almost a third (29%) of SME owners having experienced such an incident.
ESB6  RSA  ch1  ch16  risk  risks  bornglobal  internationalentrepreneurship  security  report  PDF 
4 days ago by jeromekatz
RT : The best things in life are worth taking risks for. Read the blog post below!
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5 days ago by mulkey
Moving away from UUIDs
"If you have deployed random UUIDs in production, don’t panic! While I would recommend that you move to something better (see below) at some point, plugging more likely numbers into the equation should reassure you that you are unlikely to be at risk immediately. An attacker would still have to invest considerable time and money into launching such an attack."
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Which of your automotive suppliers are at of ?
Elm Analytics has mapped the clusters of
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