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To Cite or to Steal? When a Scholarly Project Turns Up in a Gallery
What I was seeing was an announcement for a show by Jason Shulman at Cob Gallery called Photographs of Films. The press and interviews collected on the gallery’s website lauded a conceptual beauty and rigor in his work, but the only thing I could see was a rip-off. “Email for price list.” These images were unmistakably similar to the distinctive work I had been producing for years, and it was not long before friends started writing to let me know.
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may 2017 by jm
RAZZIE Winners
Voting members of The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation have sifted through the cinematic rubble of last year’s Berry Worst Achievements in Film, and come up with the “winners” for The 31st Annual RAZZIE® Awards.
Sequels  Remakes  and  3-D  Rip-Offs  Dominate  2010  RAZZIE®  Award  “Winners” 
march 2013 by RadicalWacko
Acer's AcerCloud unveil is a blatant iCloud ripoff | The Verge
Which is which? Acer just showed off its AcerCloud service, something that already sounded suspiciously like Apple's iCloud. Even the "PicStream" element sounds a lot like Photo Stream. Still not convinced? Acer basically ripped off Apple's slide wholesale, outside of the font, which is a simulacrum of Apple's font of yore. Check out both slides below.
acer  rip-offs  theverge 
january 2012 by rufous
Apple rips off student's rejected iPhone app
'Wi-Fi Sync' was rejected from the App Store last May -- and a year later, iOS 5 is released with the same feature. what a coincidence! 'Hughes said Wi-Fi Sync was rejected from the iTunes App Store in May, 2010, one month after he submitted it. He said an iPhone developer relations representative named Steve Rea personally called him prior to sending a formal rejection email to say the app was admirable, but went on to explain there were unspecified security concerns and that it did things not specified in the official iPhone software developers' kit. “They did say that the iPhone engineering team had looked at it and were impressed,” Hughes told El Reg. “They asked for my CV as well.”'
apple  walled-garden  protectionism  iphone  wifi  syncing  apps  ip  rip-offs 
june 2011 by jm
Everything Is A Remix on
Part one of a short series on the art and culture (and seamy underbelly) of remixing. This one could also be subtitled, "Led Zeppelin: Retard Rockers."
remixes  hip-hop  80s  music  led_zeppelin  rip-offs  culture 
september 2010 by rufous
Off-Brand Games: The Simpsons Road Rage- Destructoid
The Simpsons marketing machine has pumped out a bevy of videogames that can best be described as disreputable. The cream of the crop was, of course, the arcade game from the early '90s. God, I miss the arcades! You people killed 'em! You stopped leaving your house! You'd rather play online! Man, to hell with online! You all deserve to burn!

A decade later, we got The Simpsons Road Rage, an apt reflection on the sad state of the arcade scene. Itself a perverted variant of Crazy Taxi, it was the filthy port that no one asked for and no one wanted. Now, I say "port" despite there never actually being a Road Rage cabinet because it's like they were working off an original project that never came to fruition. Somewhere, somehow, somebody cut some corners.
simpsons  games  rip-offs  destructoid 
july 2010 by rufous
Off-Brand Games: High Seas Havoc- Destructoid
Consider a video game example -- who thought Brütal Legend would be an RTS? No, we wanted a heavy metal-themed hack-and-slash with hilarious Jack Black one-liners interspersed throughout. I could say something here about assumptions and how people who "assume" make an "ass" out of "u" and "me," but let's be real. When something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you're gonna be pretty miffed when it turns out to be a kangaroo.

Ironically, the whole goal of these "Off-Brand" articles is to potentially discover games that rise above those initial assumptions. Then again, there are times when I don't want to be surprised, as is the case with High Seas Havoc. God, why couldn't it have been just like Sonic the Hedgehog?
brutal_legend  destructoid  rip-offs  sonic 
july 2010 by rufous
Ca'n Quiros, Soller, Spain
many atrocious TripAdvisor reviews of this kip which ripped us off heavily last week. looking forward to adding my $.02. roll on data roaming limits so I can check TA via 3G before we sit down ;)
restaurants  food  soller  spain  rip-offs  scams  dodgy  tripadvisor  from delicious
may 2010 by jm
I'm not a fan of the language used, but it did make me laugh, lots
advertising  rip-offs 
february 2010 by JAScarb
Tesco brand in Ireland "almost exclusively" associated with a Paddy Tax rip-off
'Consumers, media and government associate Tesco Ireland almost exclusively with price differentials between Northern Ireland and Ireland.' Talk about a massive PR fail!
pr  fail  disaster  tesco  paddy-tax  rip-off-ireland  rip-offs  surveys  northern-ireland  ireland 
april 2009 by jmason
Energy rating cert will cost up to €500
'Owners wishing to sell or rent residential property will have to pay an estimated fee of €300-€500 to comply with new building regulations from next year'. why? is it expected that renters will refuse houses that are inefficient? not impressed, strikes me as typical Irish Green Party half-baked tokenism
greens  politics  ireland  rip-off-ireland  rip-offs  inflation  regulation  renting  crap 
october 2008 by jmason
Adwatch: Sony Bastards Ripped Off the Bunny Tsunami Ad
Passion Pictures suck -- their new Sony spot is pretty heavily "inspired" by a kozyndan piece
kozyndan  rip-offs  passion-pictures  sony  bravia  wanker-london-creative-types 
october 2007 by jmason

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