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Adam Savage Behind the Scenes of Alien: Covenant! - Tested
Talk about bucket list: Seeing aliens? Visiting alien spaceships? Talking to ? Yes, please!
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Geena Davis: ‘Thelma & Louise changed everything for me’ | Culture | The Guardian
Davis had her agent call Ridley Scott, the film’s director, every single week for a year in a concerted campaign to land the part. “So it was really, really a passion project for me. And I was aware of women’s position in Hollywood by then. But then, when the movie came out and I saw the reaction women had, it was night and day: completely different from anything that had ever happened before, you know? Women wanted to really talk about how it impacted on them. They’d tell me, ‘This is what I thought, this is who I saw it with, this is how many times I’ve seen it, this is how it really changed my marriage.’ Sometimes I’d even hear, ‘My friend and I took a road trip and acted out your trip.’” Her eyes widen as she laughs. “I’m like, ‘I hope the good parts?’ But that really struck me, and it made me realise how few opportunities there are to feel inspired by the female characters we watch. That changed everything for me.”


Working with Sarandon changed everything, too. “Every day on set, I was just learning how to be more myself, you know? Just because she was such a role model to me.” Davis would arrive each morning with her notes tentatively framed in the apologetic, would-you-mind-awfully register of regulation feminine decorum. Sarandon would bustle in, open her mouth and speak her mind. Davis still beams at the memory, and credits it with revolutionising the way she operated.
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