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Rick Warren's Final Frontier
"The reason why the church doesn't have greater impact is because the smartest brains and the most money have gone outside the church. If you go to a missions conference at any Christian college, go out and look. There won't be a single local church organization. It will all be parachurch—100 percent."
rickwarren  missions  leadership 
may 2015 by barrybowen
Problems with Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Movement & Teachings
an insightful article concerning RickWarren's ominous Purpose Driven teachings. Includes links to other articles.
rickwarren  apologetics 
january 2014 by Crossone
What is “Chrislam” and Who Preaches it?
a link to the Christian apologetics website entitled "The Watcher".
rickwarren  apostasy  apologetics 
january 2014 by Crossone
Rick Warren addresses his Crislam Controversy (2012) : Apprising Ministries
Rick Warren is forced to make a statement refuting the fact that he is attempting to meld Christianity with the satanic Islam faith. This article includes links to other Crislam articles.
rickwarren  apologetics  apostasy  falsehood 
january 2014 by Crossone
Exposing Chrislam
This site is dedicated to exposing the deadly heresy of Chrislam which denies the deity of Jesus Christ and seeks to merge the church with Islam.
Chrislam is one of the many end times deceptions warned about in the holy bible.
rickwarren  apologetics  apostasy 
january 2014 by Crossone
A Common Word Between Us and You
Rick Warren & other religious leaders from around the globe signed this devilish document attempting to unite the Christian Faith with insidious Islam!
apostasy  falsehood  rickwarren 
january 2014 by Crossone
chrislam « Now The End Begins
List of articles from Now The End Begins website.
rickwarren  apostasy  apologetics  falsehood 
january 2014 by Crossone
Christianity Today Gleanings: Rick Warren's Son Dies from Suicide
The American church simply does not have a good answer for depression now. So sad! Rick Warren's Son Dies frm Suicide
suicide  depression  rickwarren  tragedy  faithtoday 
april 2013 by chaseathompson

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