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Rebellion, Treason and Plot - joely_jo
Amid the turbulent waters of the Trident, a simple twist of fate allows the path of the Rebellion to alter – Prince Rhaegar Targaryen kills Robert Baratheon with a sword strike to the chest and the Royalist forces emerge victorious. But for the leaders of the Rebellion, and their families, the future suddenly looks very bleak.
gameofthrones  asoiaf  fandom:got  rhaegar-targaryen  lyanna-stark  ned-stark  catelyn-stark  c:misc  rhaegar/lyanna  ned/catelyn  t:au  <75k 
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To Go Forward - togo
Jon Snow wakes up in Winterfell, two years in the past. He struggles with his knowledge of the upcoming wars, the mystery of his mother's forgotten letters, and the prophecy of the Prince That Was Promised. How much time does he have until the Others invade Westeros?
gameofthrones  asoiaf  fandom:got  jon-snow  rhaegar-targaryen  lyanna-stark  ned-stark  samwell-tarly  catelyn-stark  rhaegar/lyanna  t:time-travel  <100k 
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Hell Is Empty - ashotofjac
Still unmarried and unbetrothed, Prince Rhaegar Targaryen is urged to find a bride at the tourney at Harrenhal. With King Aerys growing more unhinged as each day passes, the Dragon Prince must secure his line in order to overthrow the Mad King.

Lyanna Stark is chosen to wed the prince, much to her displeasure, and must leave the North to play princess with the dragons. But she quickly learns that the fire burns deadly in the royal family, and winter has no place in King's Landing.

Hell, she finds, is empty and all the devils are at Court.
asoiaf  gameofthrones  fandom:got  rhaegar-targaryen  lyanna-stark  jon-snow  cersei-lannister  jaime-lannister  rhaella-targaryen  viserys-targaryen  aerys-targaryen  lyanna&jon  rhaegar/lyanna  <200k 
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A Stitch In Time - Little_Ghost14
Mel's first ever resurrection attempt goes a little wrong and poor old Jon finds himself being catapulted back in time. However, there's a rhyme and reason behind R'llhor's madness and Jon has an important mission to fulfil before he can return to his own time, ready to win the war for the dawn and defeat the Knight's King. For Jon's "resurrection", I've gone with the show simply because we haven't yet seen it in the books. The rest is a mix of book and show verse.

Time slip stories have long been a favourite of mine, no matter how cliché they are at times. Naturally, I've always wanted to dabble in one myself, so here it is. As always, none of this is mine. GRRM and HBO own all. This isn't meant to be overly serious, or anything like that. It's just me experimenting with different story concepts. Thanks again and enjoy.
gameofthrones  asoiaf  rhaegar-targaryen  lyanna-stark  jon-snow  sansa-stark  melisandre  ned-stark  rhaegar/lyanna  jon/sansa  t:time-travel  <250k  fandom:got 
september 2017 by moonlight

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