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I no longer believe in rewrites. I used to believe that every company gets one ... | Hacker News
The people who have the skills and discipline to take advantage of a rewrite don't need a rewrite.
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8 days ago by raphman | Repeat yourself, do more than one thing, and rewrite everything
Lots of good stuff here, for example: “If a replacement isn’t doing something useful after three months, odds are it will never do anything useful.”
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7 weeks ago by cwinters
Lessons from 6 software rewrite stories – Herb Caudill – Medium
The conventional wisdom around rewriting software is that you should generally avoid it and make incremental improvements instead — unless that’s truly impossible for some reason.

I agree with this, as far as it goes.

This advice assumes, though, that the objective is to end up with the original product plus some set of new features.

But what if you want to remove functionality? Or what if you want to solve some use case in a completely different way? What if your experience with the product has given you ideas for a fundamentally new approach?

My takeaway from these stories is this: Once you’ve learned enough that there’s a certain distance between the current version of your product and the best version of that product you can imagine, then the right approach is not to replace your software with a new version, but to build something new next to it — without throwing away what you have.

So maybe if you’re thinking about whether you should rewrite or not, you should instead take a look at your product and ask yourself: Should I maybe create my own competitor? If my product is FogBugz, what’s my Trello? If it’s Visual Studio, what would my VS Code look like?

If you re-read Spolsky’s post on Netscape and DHH’s post on Basecamp side by side, you’ll see that they agree on one thing: What you’ve already created has value.

The good news is that you don’t have to throw that value away in order to innovate.
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8 weeks ago by cdzombak
Use modified hosts file on Android Emulator – Code, Procedure and Rants – Medium
I was developing an Android app that required me to connect to a VPN and add some stuff to the hosts file to be able to access it’s development API (yeah.. don’t ask..) After a couple of hours of…
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12 weeks ago by lgtout

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