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Hands-On With Apple's New $699 Blackmagic eGPU - YouTube
Well, this eGPU jobbie looks potentially handy (and apparently it’s quiet too).
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13 minutes ago by handcoding
Can Economists and Humanists Ever Be Friends? | The New Yorker
"The humanist response to Desai here is to say, You do you, but please put down the nineteenth-century novels and step away. His account of the invention of formalized bankruptcy is fascinating, but then he compares the story of the American Airlines bust, in 2011, to Aeschylus’ great play “Agamemnon.” Because the company’s stock price had already dropped before the bankruptcy was announced, and, as Desai says, “ultimately individuals who bought American shares and bonds at the filing made five to ten times their investment in two years,” we can draw an analogy with Agamemnon’s tragic decision to sacrifice his beloved daughter Iphigenia. To which the humanist response is: Yeah, no."
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1 hour ago by arsyed
Free fitness apps for getting in shape - Business Insider
No single app is perfect, but, depending on your goals, free fitness apps can help you build strength, get better at running, and improve your stretching or recovery.
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1 hour ago by aeng
Review: Compass 650B x 48 Switchback Hill Extralight TC
Verdict: Exceptional, super-light, big chamber tyres that roll fast on tarmac and gravel alike.
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1 hour ago by mikael
Hunt expands 650b range with AdventureCarbon Disc wheels
Hunt adds new carbon fibre 650b wheels to range plus a dynamo hub version as well.
wheels  cycling  bikes  reviews 
1 hour ago by mikael
Review: Hunt 30Carbon Gravel Disc Wheelset
I could never bring myself to spend £1000 on a set of wheels. But..."Hunt is also bringing out an aluminium 4Season Gravel Disc wheelset with rims that are a bit narrower and shallower, but with the higher spoke count, also priced at £369". These will do.
wheels  cycling  bikes  reviews 
1 hour ago by mikael
How to Get Online for Your Business (it's not as hard as you think) via…
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yesterday by WeRank
How to Get Online Reviews for Your Business (its not as hard as you think)
How to Get Online for Your Business (it's not as hard as you think) via…
Reviews  from twitter
yesterday by WeRank
It’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism | Pechorin's Journal
Capitalist Realism: Is there no alternative?, by Mark Fisher I was at Morgan Stanley back in 2007 when the markets crashed. The first warning for me was when an email came round warning of problems in the money markets. The email didn't make much sense to me, it wasn't an area I worked in, but…
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yesterday by basemaly
The Music vs. the Moment: On "Criticism" and attempting to get a clear look at Kamasi Washington's 'Heaven and Earth'
I have written before on this blog about my ambivalence toward that thing we call Criticism, and counting myself amon...
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yesterday by coldbrain

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