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20 recommended utility apps for macOS in 2018 – Hacker Noon
Depending on the need, we have different apps on the mac. As someone who worked mostly with development, below are my indispensable apps. They are like suits to Tony Stark. Since I love open source…
mac  osx  utility  tool  review 
14 hours ago by gilberto5757
Take & read: New books in global Christianity | The Christian Century
Philip Jenkins includes Wanjiru Gitau's 'Megachurch Christianity Reconsidered' in a review of academic books about global Christianity. "The book is original and well-written, and her findings and observations cry out to be tested and replicated in other settings. This is a provocative example for rising scholars and researchers. For the general reader, it is also a crisp read. You will likely read it in a sitting, and then reread it."
Gitau-MCR  Wanjiru-Gitau  review  JB 
yesterday by ivp
One Thousand Years of Labor | The Nation
If you’re old enough to read this,” wrote the great blue-collar poet Philip Levine in 1990, “you know what work is.” What could be more obvious and more concrete than work? It’s your cubicle, your backache, your boss. Good or bad, it needs little explanation. Even to talk about it too much off the clock is to be a bore. It’s just there. Per the infamous American small-talk formulation, it’s simply what one does.
book  review  work  politics  argument 
yesterday by kmt
The iPhone XS Max: The phone MrMobile hates to love | iMore
You're reading this on iMore, so you probably already know that iPhone XS Max is the best iPhone yet – again. You also probably know that its starting price is a lofty $1,099, with recommended accessories like a fast charger and the erstwhile-gratis headphone dongle pushing it closer to $1,200. Finally, if you've watched any MrMobile videos at all, you probably know I'm a lot more comfortable on the Android side of the Apple/Google divide – at least when it comes to phones. So maybe it's no surprise to hear me say in the above video that the iPhone XS Max compares rather unfavorably with the most relevant competition, Samsung's Galaxy Note 9.
iphoneXS  review  video 
yesterday by rgl7194
The iPhone XS and XS Max Review – The Sweet Setup
There’s very little to change in last year’s iPhone X. The X was easy to use one-handed, yet had the biggest screen ever shipped in an iPhone. Its OLED display showed near perfect color, while its cameras were able to shoot photos that took advantage of that perfect color. The A11 Bionic chip never held anyone back.
Off the top of my head, I can barely rattle off three issues with the iPhone X:
The screen scratches very easily.
The notch looks unsightly, despite being replicated by competitors.
The price puts the phone in a new price territory.
For all intents and purposes, the iPhone X was an Apple experiment. (They skipped the iPhone 9 just to show off the tech, after all.) Judging from this year’s iPhone lineup, it’s logical to think it was a successful experiment.
iphoneXS  review 
yesterday by rgl7194
iPhone XS review: The future, as promised, is now - Six Colors
It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly a month since I took possession of an iPhone XS and XS Max. In the intervening four weeks I’ve taken photos and video, traveled on a business trip, gotten stuck in hideous commute traffic. That’s life. And throughout, the iPhone XS has proven itself as a phone that’s got all the benefits of the excellent iPhone X, with some subtle tech upgrades, a massively improved camera, and—perhaps most significantly—a bigger screen if you want it.
Same as it ever was
After a year with the iPhone X, switching the iPhone XS was not much of a disruption. (I’ve been using the same case as the one I used with the iPhone X.) Apple hasn’t perfected the process of migrating from one phone to another, but it’s coming ever closer. Back in 2015, Myke Hurley and I spent 90 minutes detailing all the annoyances in migrating to our new iPhone 6S models. On what should be one of the most fun moments on any tech enthusiast’s calendar—iPhone upgrade day!—we ended up getting frustrated with a long chain of annoyances that soured the entire experience.
iphoneXS  review 
yesterday by rgl7194
iPhone XS and XS Max review: Big screens, big performance, big lenses, big prices | Ars Technica
The second generation is always better.
With last year's iPhone X, Apple introduced the most significant redesign to the iPhone since the iPhone 4. All three of the phones Apple announced this fall—the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR—are modeled after that blueprint.
That means near-edge-to-edge displays. It also means they have the TrueDepth sensor array, which powers Face ID, the facial recognition feature that replaces the Touch ID fingerprint authentication method used on iPhones since the iPhone 5S in 2013. There's no home button either, which had been part of the iPhone since the very first one back in 2007.
Today, we're reviewing the iPhone XS and XS Max. This might be the smallest year-over-year iteration Apple has ever done for the iPhone. Yet somehow, there's a whole lot to talk about, from wireless bands to performance to ambitious, under-the-hood camera tech.
The iPhone X has been the best-selling smartphone for most of the time since its launch just under a year ago. So how do you follow up the most popular new phone in the world? And how do you convince previous iPhone owners who didn't jump for the iPhone X, and who were happy with the way iPhones were before, to spend more than $1,000 to upgrade?
iphoneXS  review  ars_technica 
yesterday by rgl7194

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