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Imaginative Prayer
That said, it is a brilliant and powerful tool to use to help kids connect with God and understand spiritual truth that can otherwise be abstract. As described above, I’ve seen with my own eyes the impact it has on our kids and it connects just as deeply with adults.
Jared-Boyd  Boyd-IP  review  KC 
1 hour ago by ivp
North Face Borealis vs Recon: Two Laptop Bags
This review of the North Face Borealis vs Recon is about two very similar laptop bags. Which to choose is the question, and we can answer it.
comparison  gear  review 
4 hours ago by jimjulian
Elementary | A theory of why some things do not exist
"Graham Priest TOWARDS NON-BEING Second edition 368pp. Oxford University Press."
book  review  philosophy  ontology 
4 hours ago by tsuomela
Shawn ToysChannel
Shawn ToysChannel is created to entertain kids around the world. We're having fun unboxing and reviewing toys. We open toy cars and toy trucks such as Mercedez-Benz, BMW, Jeep, Jeep Wrangler, Mini Cooper, Road Rippers, Polaris and more.
oys  Review  Toy  Unboxing  Kids  Boy  Girl  Shawn  Shaw  Channel  Fun  Toys  Vlog  Indoor  water  park  inflatable  slide  jumping  house  Family  Friendly  video  Mercedez-Benz  BMW  Jeep  Wrangler 
5 hours ago by ChoCho12
Meaningful Work // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame
"Meaningful Work Andrea Veltman, Meaningful Work, Oxford University Press, 2016, 237pp.,"
book  review  philosophy  work  labor  meaning 
8 hours ago by tsuomela
‘Black Panther’ Is Marvel’s First Genuine Masterpiece - The Ringer
Ryan Coogler’s highly anticipated superhero movie is even better and richer than could have been imagined, thanks to a fantastical world that evokes real questions about history
Let’s talk about hunger. As wonderful as Black Panther is—and it’s as good as we’d hoped, maybe even better—nothing in it is a match for the carefree, infectious joy displayed last week by a group of middle school students from Atlanta’s Ron Clark Academy. Maybe you’ve seen them. They went viral after videos of their celebratory dancing on school cafeteria tables hit Instagram, then Twitter, then the news. The students had just found out that they—like middle and high school students across the country, boosted by fundraising campaigns and the wise support of their principals, teachers, parents, and local community leaders—were taking a school trip to see Black Panther for free. Fundraisers to send students like these to see the movie have become a nationwide trend: the #BlackPantherChallenge. Over $300,000 has been raised to date.
movies  superheroes  panther  review  avengers 
22 hours ago by rgl7194

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